Macross TV Episode 31: Satan’s Dolls

Robotech calls this episode, “Khyron’s Revenge” because Khyron steals the micloning device that allows him to transform Zentradi from miclones to giants.  In contrast, Macross calls this eposide, “Satan’s Dolls”, describing how the Protoculture created the Zentradi and the Supervision Army through genetic engineering.

Episode title, scene shows satellite factory. Gloval and Exsedol oversee production of Regults, but a machine breaks down and stops the assembly line. The breakage is from Supervision Army attacks, whereas in Robotech, they're from attacks from other Zentradi.

In a scene omitted in Robotech, Kim, Shammy, and Vanessa gossip about how they saw Minmay and Kaifun arguing, and how their relationship is not going well.

In Robotech, after the scene showing the Regult assembly line, the Robotech Masters proceed with cloning Zor, and emphasize that they need to capture the "protoculture furnace" aboard the SDF-1.

In Trad City (New Detroit City in Robotech), some Zentradi have made off with the micloning device. Hikaru flies in, and kicks one Zentradi off the platform, a scene omitted in Robotech (and poorly edited out).

Hikaru demands that the Zentradi surrender. I like the look of the VF-1S' head.

When Oaji (Grell in Robotech) tells Kamjin they were unable to steal the micloning device, Kamjin and Laplamiz blame him for his increasing incompetence.

Meanwhile, back in Trad City, Hikaru argues with the mayor on who should watch the micloning device. Because Trad City has so many Zentradi citizens, the mayor feels the device should stay under the citizens' watch, but Hikaru feels otherwise since they lack the firepower to defend against someone stealing it.

The mayor was in Kaifun's car. Kaifun steps up, and speaks for keeping the micloning device in Trad City, but he does it more to go against the military instead of doing what's right.

Hikaru turns his head to look at Minmay sitting in the car.

Kaifun then demands that Hikaru go home. In Robotech, he sees Hikaru look at Minmay and he thinks that Hikaru is still in love with her. In contrast, in Macross, there's no such thought, only silent implication.

Minmay feels sorry for Hikaru, and imagines hugging him.

Kamjin decides to steal the micloning device himself, since he needs to keep his promise to the Zentradi that they will be able to convert themselves back to giants.

Kamjin's squad takes off in the strange shape of the letter "M".

One of Hikaru's squad members objects to just leaving. A strangely drawn, cross-eyed fellow, isn't he?

Minmay worries that they're doing the wrong thing by keeping the micloning device. Kaifun tells her to stop worrying because it doesn't involve them! Uhhh, duh, Kaifun, then why did you get heavily involved??

Back on the Macross, Exsedol presents further findings from his investigation into the Zentradi and human's history.

Finally, Milia looks well-drawn again.

We learn that the Protoculture created the Zentradi over 500,000 years ago for one purpose: military force. Sounds like a theme behind Universal Soldier and Iron Man, huh?

The Zentradi and Supervision Army didn't have culture, because the Protoculture feared if they had it, their creation would be more powerful than they were.

But it happened anyway...

500,000 years of war!

Exsedol feels like a puppet

Hikaru wonders if the human race was also genetically engineered. Reminds you of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Global thinks humans probably weren't created, but he's not sure. In Robotech, Exsedol states definitively that the human race was not created by the Protoculture.

Exsedol is being hard on himself

Hikaru and Misa talk after the meeting

Misa thinks the two of them fight, too.

Hikaru disagrees

Misa blames herself

Quite a statement!

Will the human race destroy itself through war?

Meanwhile, Kamjin's forces easily steal the micloning device. The Destroids and valkryies are no match for Kamjin's forces.

The line for the micloning device is as long as a line to buy an iPad 2!

Kamjin celebrates stealing the micloning device.

Claudia tells Misa and Hikaru that the micloning device was stolen, and Hikaru rushes back to Trad City. He sees Minmay in Kaifun's car, but Kaifun drives away.

Minmay misses Hikaru

As a closing note, what’s with the word, “Answer” in so many scenes during this episode?

Next episode:  “Broken Heart”!


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