Macross TV Episode 32: Broken Heart

Emotions intensify in this episode regarding the Hikaru-Misa-Minmay love triangle, and between the UN Spacy forces and Kamjin’s forces.  Both Macross and Robotech use the same episode title, “Broken Heart”.

The episode opens in the middle of a mission, in which Hikaru leads a squadron of valkryies, and Misa leads operations from a recon plane.

Hikaru investigates the source of where a group of missiles was fired from: a downed Zentradi battleship, whose interior is vacant

Riding on Hikaru's battroid's shoulder is Misa, who gets a transmission that they've found a stash of weapons.

Meanwhile, Minmay is giving a concert

There are quite a number of Zentradi attending the concert

Suddenly, Kamjin's forces invade the concert, and Kamjin kidnaps Kaifun and Minmay. We learn that the launched missiles from the beginning of the episode were just a diversion.

Back in Macross City, the Macross looks restored somewhat, and definitely repainted!

Kamjin demands a ransom for Kaifun and Minmay

He asks for a battleship. In Robotech, he asks for not just any battleship, but the SDF-1!

After Kamjin disconnects the transmission, Minmay sings in an attempt to escape. Her singing shocks Kamjin for a moment, but he quickly recovers.

Laplamiz toys with Kaifun

Misa tells Hikaru the bad news

Hikaru is quite shocked to hear that Minmay's been kidnapped

I didn't know Hikaru had a Minmay doll hanging from his HUD!

Of course, Misa is not happy about Hikaru's display of affection for Minmay

On the ground, Misa and Hikaru have a chat about the rescue mission

Misa wishes she were Minmay, so that Hikaru would get all worked up for her

Hikaru is not happy with Misa's behavior. In Robotech, he plainly admits that he loves Minmay, and that he and Lisa can't be together.

Kamjin, Oaji, and Laplamiz revel with wine and food

Kamjin and Oaji are impressed that Laplamiz can drink so much

Minmay is not happy with Kaifun. This line of dialogue, of course, was changed in Robotech: Minmay wonders if Rick will save them.

Kaifun scolds Kamjin about war not solving anything, and Kamjin gets mad

Kamjin suddenly kisses Laplamiz

Oaji informs Kamjin that some Zentradi are asking for their help

But the Zentradi are on the UN Spacy's side--they're planning a trap

A VF-1A lights a cigarette for the Zentradi who made the communication to Kamjin. This scene would definitely be edited out if this episode were being broadcast today! In Robotech, the Zentradi says, "You Micronians live well"!

Kamjin decides to go help the Zentradi, and gives Laplamiz his Glaug

Kamjin rides a Konig Monster.

Three micloned Zentradi pilot the Konig Monster. They obviously have been watching some movies!

Kamjin walks right into the trap, and he's surrounded by many Destroids/Konig Monsters.

Hikaru gets the go-ahead to rescue Minmay and Kaifun

Hikaru does some fancy flying to dodge the enemy's fire

He even blocks a punch from a Zentradi then punches him while in Gerwalk mode!

Minmay is very grateful for the rescue

Kaifun is not grateful for the rescue, and complains to Misa

Minmay defends what the military did to rescue them

Here comes the hero

Great scene.. a wide distance between Hikaru and Minmay, with the wind blowing. But if Hikaru rescued Kaifun and Minmay, and put them on the ground, why didn't he get out at the same time?

Because we wouldn't have this scene!

Yes, Minmay, but do you love him??

... because Hikaru obviously does.

Kaifun and Misa stand in shock while Hikaru and Minmay kiss

Meanwhile, Laplamiz beats up a VF-1A by rotating the Glaug's arms! Kamjin's pods run out of ammunition, and flee. In Robotech, they run out of protoculture.

Out of jealousy, Misa wants to cut Hikaru and Minmay's kiss short and have him pursue Kamjin.

Angry, Hikaru throws his helmet on the ground and demands that Misa find someone else to pursue Kamjin. Misa questions his role as squadron commander. In Robotech, Rick dares Lisa to pursue Khyron, and she accepts his dare, but Rick decides to pursue Khyron.

Hikaru apologizes to Minmay

Minmay says bye with a salute. I like this scene: Minmay is out of focus while Misa is in focus

Minmay realizes how Hikaru feels about her

After Hikaru takes off, Minmay runs after him and trips and falls.

Misa watches all of this unfolds, and lets out a big smile. She's smitten by Hikaru and Minmay's devotion to each other.

Lots of drama in this episode!

Next episode:  “Rainy Night”


One response to “Macross TV Episode 32: Broken Heart

  1. A voice from the far-flung future of 2013 says: Those mechs are just HWR-00 MKII Destroid Monsters. The VB6 Koenig Monster (King Monster), as seen in Macross Frontier, is a variable bomber based on the old Destroid, but won’t exist for another twenty years in the Macross timeline.

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