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Macross TV Episode 33: Rainy Night

I really like this episode.  No Zentradi/human fighting in this episode, just pure soap opera-ish drama!

Misa sits by herself, thinking about Hikaru

She wonders if she was too extreme with Hikaru

Claudia finds Misa, and consoles her.

Claudia gives Misa some rare black tea, and suggests that she share it with Hikaru.

After returning from patrol, Misa requests that Hikaru see her. Hikaru thinks Misa just wants his patrol report, and is too focused on her job. Hikaru is also irritated with Misa's ordering him to pursue Kamjin before he and Minmay had enough time to talk.

Apparently, Hikaru didn't see the tea.

Hikaru intentionally stokes Misa's jealousy by asking Vanessa out

Vanessa gives Hikaru a dose of reality.

Denial, denial ...

Vanessa gossips with Kim and Shammy.

Misa is about to knock on Hikaru's door...

... when Claudia finds her.

Misa goes to Claudia's place, and instead of tea, asks for alcohol. Claudia serves some red wine.

Misa drinks an entire glass of wine quickly!

Misa opens up to Claudia

Claudia tells the story of how she met Roy Focker

Which fighter is that? An early version of Roy's Skull One.

Roy asks Claudia out over the radio.

That expression on Claudia's face is priceless. In Robotech, Roy doesn't ask Claudia out, but instead just says, "This last bogey is for you, Claudia".

Claudia's colleagues giggle

Claudia agrees to a date, but Roy shows up with a car full of other women!

Claudia's not the type of person to participate in a Bachelor-like group date.

Roy gives Claudia a gift every day.

Roy was suddenly transferred to the Macross.

... it was fate.

We learn that Claudia and Misa were roommates

Valkryie prototype!

Claudia visits Roy while he's checking out the valkyrie prototype

Claudia returns all the gifts Roy gave her

Roy goes on about the valkyrie

The valkyrie prototype is called the VFX-1!

Claudia was confused about Roy's intentions

Before taking the VFX-1 for a test flight, Claudia catches Roy dancing in front of three women.

Claudia thinks Roy is a complete playboy.

... until one night, Roy visits Claudia

Roy explains his behavior

We learn that Roy got scolded for his behavior

Roy reveals to Claudia he's scared of doing test flights

... because doing those test flights is dangerous

Feeling scared made Roy pursue Claudia

Finally, Claudia learns that she's special in Roy's eyes. In Robotech, Roy adds that those other women meant nothing to him.

Meanwhile, at Hikaru's place, Hikaru realizes that Misa loves him

He remembers the pictures she gave to him.

Hikaru goes to Misa's place, but she of course is not home.

After learning about how Roy felt about her, Claudia fell in love with him.

Here comes something good.

What an insight!

Hikaru calls Claudia

Claudia encourages Misa to offer Hikaru some tea.

Claudia also encourages Misa to be honest with Hikaru about her feelings.

In Robotech, Rick asks Lisa if she’s cold and if they should just take a cab.

Hikaru accepts Misa's offer of having some tea

Oops, no sugar?? In Robotech, Rick says he has nothing to offer.

Romantic walk in the rain...

Next episode:  “Private Time”