Macross TV Episode 34: Private Time

This episode takes the cake when it comes to soap-opera-ish drama.  Not only do we see Hikaru being a two-timer, but we also see a major fight between Kaifun and Minmay.

The artwork varies a lot in this episode, and it’s evident that the artist who did a lot of the character animation in DYRL did some here, as well.

Hikaru keeps saying Misa is not lady-like, but this scene with Misa making sandwiches for their picnic date says otherwise.

Misa tests the taste of the sandwiches shes making

Misa is overjoyed that she has a date with Hikaru

Uh oh, here comes trouble! In Robotech, Minmay is in Monument City.

Hikaru tells Minmay he made other plans, but Minmay asks if he can re-schedule since he can see whoever it is any time, since he and the person he's seeing are both in Macross City.

We learn that Hikaru asked Misa out to see a nice forest

And Hikaru *promised* Misa he would make it.

From Misas expression, we see she is quite whipped!

Misa gets to their meeting place early, and waits by herself.

Minmay meets Hikaru at the airport, since Hikaru had to fly to see her

DYRL artist, in a similar disguise!

Minmay's DYRL disguise--different color of sunglasses

From Hikaru's expression, we know he doesn't go to fancy restaurants too often

Hikarus late, and Misa keeps waiting

Kim, Shammy, and Vanessa gossip about Misa and Hikaru's date.

Minmay gives Hikaru a long scarf as a thank-you gift for saving her from Kamjin.

DYRL artist? Is Hikaru clue-less or what? In Robotech, Rick says the scarf makes him feel like Errol Flynn.

Minmay clues Hikaru in. In Robotech, she says, "All you need now is a sword!"

A waiter interrupts Minmay and Hikaru to give them their drinks

Two years!

Minmay sees if Hikaru still feels the same way about her

Yes, Minmay, Hikaru still loves you

Flashback to the scene where Hikaru admitted his love to Minmay, right before the big battle with Bodolzaa

Kaifun interrupts because Minmay has a concert to give. Minmay refuses to go. In Robotech, Kyle says he scheduled a press conference.

Good excuse, Minmay

Kaifun points out Minmays immaturity

Kaifun dumps a drink on Minmay. Oh no, Minmay! Your hair!

At least Kaifun is man enough to apologize to Hikaru

Why didnt he also apologize for what happened in Trad City?

Youre just a tool, Hikaru

Why didnt Hikaru stand up to Kaifun?

Misa calls the command center to check on Hikaru

Machizaki teases Misa

The bridge bunnies tease Machizaki

DYRL artist?

Some Zentradi are wreaking havoc at the airport in Highlander City

Misa wait even longer for Hikaru

Hikaru drives past a roadblock near the airport, and convinces the military officer there to take charge of fighting the Zentradi

A Zentradi shoots a gunpod inside an office building

Hikaru's squadron

Hikaru's battroid has armor strong enough to cause bullets to bounce off

A missile launcher fires tear gas missiles at the Zentradi

The missiles knock the Zentradi off their feet

Hikaru beats off a Regult's leg with his metal bat

This Zentradi is about to get spanked

This is either a butt squeeze or a spank

He feels the pain. This particular shot was omitted in Robotech.

The pain is enough to keep the Zentradi on the ground.

A VF-1J kicks the Zentradi to the ground

Yes, shame on you, Hikaru, standing her up like that. Too bad they don't have cell phones.

Misa feeds a dog some sandwiches

What's the kid doing standing outside an adult sex toy shop?

Hikaru goes for his second choice

You're really late, Hikaru

Misa is soooo understanding. I think she should've gotten mad.

DYRL artist? Hikaru wraps Minmay's scarf around Misa. *Bad move*, using a gift from another woman!

Misa sees Minmay and Hikaru's initials on the scarf!! In Robotech, since the audience wouldn't understand the initials, Lisa says she recognizes Minmay's perfume. Why couldn't the Robotech animators just re-create this shot with Rick and Minmay's initials?

You're clue-less, Hikaru

It suddenly starts snowing. Misa walks away, and Hikaru doesn't stop her. Is Hikaru not fighting hard enough for his women?

Meanwhile, Minmay is about to start a concert...

DYRL artist!

Minmay doesnt start singing.

Minmay cant look at her audience

What a shocker! In Robotech, she says, "I can't perform when my heart is breaking!"

DYRL artist again?

Minmay blames Kaifun...

... for her being distant from Hikaru

Kaifun scolds Minmay

Kaifun is leaving Minmay. I wonder what he means by leaving "again"?

Kaifun's parting words. In Robotech, Kyle tells Minmay that he hopes she finds happiness some day.

Minmay cries by herself. What an artistic way of presenting Minmay's pain.

Next episode:  “Romanesque”

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