Macross TV Episode 35: Romanesque

This episode is one of my favorites because it takes place during Christmas-time.  Robotech calls this episode, “Season’s Greetings”.  I don’t understand why Macross calls it Romanesque:  I don’t see any Romanesque architecture in this episode!

The episode opens with a scene from a jungle somewhere. Robotech's narrator says it's the Amazon rainforest.

Kamjin needs a power condenser to run his ship's main engine. In Robotech, he needs more protoculture.

Kamjin always against the Earth's people.

A detail explained only in Macross: Humans taught Zentradi how to repair things!

The obligatory long laugh from the villain

Kamjin's ship

We learn that in an industrial part of town, there are the power condensers that Kamjin needs.

Loli, Warera, and Conda are trying to make money by selling plastic model kits. Here, we see Loli holding a "harakiry" model kit. Why didn't the animators just say "valkyrie"?

I always wondered why they were selling model kits instead of doing their dry cleaning business. Now we know why!

Minmay mopes on a swing in a park.

Loli, Conda, and Warera call out to Minmay, who runs away. In Robotech, they're also discussing how they just got kicked out of the mall.

Hikaru listens to the news. I wonder where he got his apron!

Minmay needed some alone time

Minmay knocks on Hikaru's door

Minmay got caught up in her career

Hikaru is wise indeed. I can totally relate to his statement--things change as the years go by. Some things become more important, and other things become less important/irrelevant.

Minmay realizes Hikaru is the only person who really cares for her well-being. Unfortunately, that's Misa's hand on the door.

Minmay asks Hikaru if she can stay at his place. Misa's facial reaction is priceless.

Misa runs off, and leans against a light pole. A man asks if she is ok, and she shakes her head. The man then concludes she's drunk. In Robotech, Lisa asks the man to leave her alone, and the man says, "Some people!"

After seeing a young couple walk by, Claudia remembers when she and Roy were together.

Roy sure likes to drink!

Claudia returns to the pub she just exited. In Robotech, she says she knows just the place to go.

Claudia sees Misa at the bar

Misa is singing the Minmay song, "Sunset Beach"

Minmay wakes up in the middle of the night, and covers Hikaru with a blanket, and thanks him.

Vanessa invites Misa to a party, and asks her to bring Hikaru along, but Misa lies and says Hikaru is sick

Kamjin starts attacking the industrial part of town, and Misa scrambles Max and Milia's squad.

Global and Exsedol realize what Kamjin is trying to do

Kamjin shoots down a valkyrie

Laplamiz, in a Quaedluun-Rau, sees Milia

Minmay shops for groceries, and when she hears the news about Kamjin's attack, gets worried and drops a pineapple. Pineapples are a special symbol in Macross. Luckily, Minmay didn't buy the pineapple!

Milia in her valkyrie

Milia and Max in battroid mode

Kamjin finally finds a reaction engine (in Robotech, it's a protoculture matrix), and escapes in a ship. Hikaru fires at the ship, but the bullets just bounce off.

Kamjin radios a miclonized Zentradi dressed as Santa, who detonates bombs throughout the city. Hikaru, Max, and Milia stop pursuing Kamjin and instead put out the fires using special bombs.

Milia rescues civilians

Minmay watches the news, which causes her to worry more, since there are many casualties from Kamjin's attack

Civilians start singing "Silent Night", one of my favorite Christmas songs. We also see a statue of Jesus.

We also see a pastor making a cross-sign across his chest

That woman with the scarf looks like Minmay, doesn't she?

Minmay waits for Hikaru. It looks like she's praying.

Hikaru questions Misa why she lied to Vanessa

Misa knows all about Minmay, Hikaru.

Not only does Misa know about Minmay's visit, but she also cares for Hikaru's well-being.

The lights throughout Macross City come on, including a lot on the Macross itself

Triple dating again! I like this sequence of people being together at Christmas-time. Reminds me of the movie, "Love Actually"

Max, Milia, and Maria look at the lights. Reminds me of the scene in "Nine Months" when Hugh Grant holds his kid in his apartment.

Hikaru returns home to find that Minmay prepared Christmas dinner!

Minmay hugs Hikaru from behind--just like she did in DYRL!

Minmay wants new careers for both her and Hikaru.

Hikaru likes the thought of Minmay caring, but he doesn't answer that he's going to give up the military

In Robotech, Rick says, "May we have a million more like it"

Doesn't this scene remind you of a similar scene in "Sixteen Candles"?

From the movie, "Sixteen Candles"

Next and final episode:  “Farewell to Tenderness”!


2 responses to “Macross TV Episode 35: Romanesque

  1. Man amazing work on these posts!
    i was wondering if you knew in which episode we first hear ‘Sunset Beach’?
    I’m working on a chronological soundtrack and it’s tricky.

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