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I grew up watching a lot of afternoon TV in the 1980’s, and Robotech was one of the most fun to watch because it includes drama (particularly the love triangle among Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, and Lynn Minmay), really cool-looking/transforming mecha, and a very interesting storyline.

Robotech opened the door to anime.  However, somehow I didn’t collect toys back then.  Now, more than 20 years later, I stumbled across my first Yamato-built valkyrie in an anime store, the 1/48 Stealth VF-1J with Super and Strike Parts!  I was amazed how true to the line art it was!  So, I started collecting these toys.

In this blog, I’ll focus more on how a particular toy is true to the line art, or what emotional moment a particular toy reminds me of.

10 responses to “About this Blog

  1. What can I say? As a Macross-lifer, I love your blog!

  2. Hey man, chanced upon your blog. I am a huge Macross fan too and recently began buying lots of 1/48 and 1/60 models, which is costing me a right pretty penny!!

    Am thinking of getting the Yamato Display stand, but at SGD$75 each from HLJ.com, it’s just a little too expensive. Reviews are sparse online and I really want to know whether the stand is sturdy enough to support a 1/48 Valk with Strike Pack.

    I can be contacted at aaron_lai_@hotmail.com


  3. Funny thing is today I just opened my MIB silver yamato stand to display my 1/60 VF-1S Roy Focker TV version. I bought the stand before I bought the VF, just for the sake to match the stripe color of black and yellow with Roy’s (Duh!).
    So far so good, hope it’s sturdy enough and long lasting.

  4. Hey Jauzak, i myself bought a silver stand today.

    Didn’t want to use the clamps but wanted my 1/48 strike valk in fighter mode. Cannot make it, too heavy without the clamps. So i transformed to gerwalk and wow! The stand is excellent!

    Gonna get another stand for another gerwalk. But u may also want to consider these stands from flightpose.com

  5. That flightpose stand would be a good idea, Aaron.
    Plus it’s cheaper. I don’t really ‘get along’ with HLJ price too.
    If u’re in Spore (I assumed) you’ll have enough options to get the stand, no?

    A bit out of topic, anybody know why the reissued 1/60 VF-1J of Max and Miria now
    become rare and expensive?

  6. Catherine Meyers

    Excellent blog for anyone that loves Robotech / Macross, like I do too. Any chance I could interest you with a link exchange with my blog directory?. Let me know if you are ^_^


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