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Macross TV Episode 33: Rainy Night

I really like this episode.  No Zentradi/human fighting in this episode, just pure soap opera-ish drama!

Misa sits by herself, thinking about Hikaru

She wonders if she was too extreme with Hikaru

Claudia finds Misa, and consoles her.

Claudia gives Misa some rare black tea, and suggests that she share it with Hikaru.

After returning from patrol, Misa requests that Hikaru see her. Hikaru thinks Misa just wants his patrol report, and is too focused on her job. Hikaru is also irritated with Misa's ordering him to pursue Kamjin before he and Minmay had enough time to talk.

Apparently, Hikaru didn't see the tea.

Hikaru intentionally stokes Misa's jealousy by asking Vanessa out

Vanessa gives Hikaru a dose of reality.

Denial, denial ...

Vanessa gossips with Kim and Shammy.

Misa is about to knock on Hikaru's door...

... when Claudia finds her.

Misa goes to Claudia's place, and instead of tea, asks for alcohol. Claudia serves some red wine.

Misa drinks an entire glass of wine quickly!

Misa opens up to Claudia

Claudia tells the story of how she met Roy Focker

Which fighter is that? An early version of Roy's Skull One.

Roy asks Claudia out over the radio.

That expression on Claudia's face is priceless. In Robotech, Roy doesn't ask Claudia out, but instead just says, "This last bogey is for you, Claudia".

Claudia's colleagues giggle

Claudia agrees to a date, but Roy shows up with a car full of other women!

Claudia's not the type of person to participate in a Bachelor-like group date.

Roy gives Claudia a gift every day.

Roy was suddenly transferred to the Macross.

... it was fate.

We learn that Claudia and Misa were roommates

Valkryie prototype!

Claudia visits Roy while he's checking out the valkyrie prototype

Claudia returns all the gifts Roy gave her

Roy goes on about the valkyrie

The valkyrie prototype is called the VFX-1!

Claudia was confused about Roy's intentions

Before taking the VFX-1 for a test flight, Claudia catches Roy dancing in front of three women.

Claudia thinks Roy is a complete playboy.

... until one night, Roy visits Claudia

Roy explains his behavior

We learn that Roy got scolded for his behavior

Roy reveals to Claudia he's scared of doing test flights

... because doing those test flights is dangerous

Feeling scared made Roy pursue Claudia

Finally, Claudia learns that she's special in Roy's eyes. In Robotech, Roy adds that those other women meant nothing to him.

Meanwhile, at Hikaru's place, Hikaru realizes that Misa loves him

He remembers the pictures she gave to him.

Hikaru goes to Misa's place, but she of course is not home.

After learning about how Roy felt about her, Claudia fell in love with him.

Here comes something good.

What an insight!

Hikaru calls Claudia

Claudia encourages Misa to offer Hikaru some tea.

Claudia also encourages Misa to be honest with Hikaru about her feelings.

In Robotech, Rick asks Lisa if she’s cold and if they should just take a cab.

Hikaru accepts Misa's offer of having some tea

Oops, no sugar?? In Robotech, Rick says he has nothing to offer.

Romantic walk in the rain...

Next episode:  “Private Time”


Macross TV Episode 32: Broken Heart

Emotions intensify in this episode regarding the Hikaru-Misa-Minmay love triangle, and between the UN Spacy forces and Kamjin’s forces.  Both Macross and Robotech use the same episode title, “Broken Heart”.

The episode opens in the middle of a mission, in which Hikaru leads a squadron of valkryies, and Misa leads operations from a recon plane.

Hikaru investigates the source of where a group of missiles was fired from: a downed Zentradi battleship, whose interior is vacant

Riding on Hikaru's battroid's shoulder is Misa, who gets a transmission that they've found a stash of weapons.

Meanwhile, Minmay is giving a concert

There are quite a number of Zentradi attending the concert

Suddenly, Kamjin's forces invade the concert, and Kamjin kidnaps Kaifun and Minmay. We learn that the launched missiles from the beginning of the episode were just a diversion.

Back in Macross City, the Macross looks restored somewhat, and definitely repainted!

Kamjin demands a ransom for Kaifun and Minmay

He asks for a battleship. In Robotech, he asks for not just any battleship, but the SDF-1!

After Kamjin disconnects the transmission, Minmay sings in an attempt to escape. Her singing shocks Kamjin for a moment, but he quickly recovers.

Laplamiz toys with Kaifun

Misa tells Hikaru the bad news

Hikaru is quite shocked to hear that Minmay's been kidnapped

I didn't know Hikaru had a Minmay doll hanging from his HUD!

Of course, Misa is not happy about Hikaru's display of affection for Minmay

On the ground, Misa and Hikaru have a chat about the rescue mission

Misa wishes she were Minmay, so that Hikaru would get all worked up for her

Hikaru is not happy with Misa's behavior. In Robotech, he plainly admits that he loves Minmay, and that he and Lisa can't be together.

Kamjin, Oaji, and Laplamiz revel with wine and food

Kamjin and Oaji are impressed that Laplamiz can drink so much

Minmay is not happy with Kaifun. This line of dialogue, of course, was changed in Robotech: Minmay wonders if Rick will save them.

Kaifun scolds Kamjin about war not solving anything, and Kamjin gets mad

Kamjin suddenly kisses Laplamiz

Oaji informs Kamjin that some Zentradi are asking for their help

But the Zentradi are on the UN Spacy's side--they're planning a trap

A VF-1A lights a cigarette for the Zentradi who made the communication to Kamjin. This scene would definitely be edited out if this episode were being broadcast today! In Robotech, the Zentradi says, "You Micronians live well"!

Kamjin decides to go help the Zentradi, and gives Laplamiz his Glaug

Kamjin rides a Konig Monster.

Three micloned Zentradi pilot the Konig Monster. They obviously have been watching some movies!

Kamjin walks right into the trap, and he's surrounded by many Destroids/Konig Monsters.

Hikaru gets the go-ahead to rescue Minmay and Kaifun

Hikaru does some fancy flying to dodge the enemy's fire

He even blocks a punch from a Zentradi then punches him while in Gerwalk mode!

Minmay is very grateful for the rescue

Kaifun is not grateful for the rescue, and complains to Misa

Minmay defends what the military did to rescue them

Here comes the hero

Great scene.. a wide distance between Hikaru and Minmay, with the wind blowing. But if Hikaru rescued Kaifun and Minmay, and put them on the ground, why didn't he get out at the same time?

Because we wouldn't have this scene!

Yes, Minmay, but do you love him??

... because Hikaru obviously does.

Kaifun and Misa stand in shock while Hikaru and Minmay kiss

Meanwhile, Laplamiz beats up a VF-1A by rotating the Glaug's arms! Kamjin's pods run out of ammunition, and flee. In Robotech, they run out of protoculture.

Out of jealousy, Misa wants to cut Hikaru and Minmay's kiss short and have him pursue Kamjin.

Angry, Hikaru throws his helmet on the ground and demands that Misa find someone else to pursue Kamjin. Misa questions his role as squadron commander. In Robotech, Rick dares Lisa to pursue Khyron, and she accepts his dare, but Rick decides to pursue Khyron.

Hikaru apologizes to Minmay

Minmay says bye with a salute. I like this scene: Minmay is out of focus while Misa is in focus

Minmay realizes how Hikaru feels about her

After Hikaru takes off, Minmay runs after him and trips and falls.

Misa watches all of this unfolds, and lets out a big smile. She's smitten by Hikaru and Minmay's devotion to each other.

Lots of drama in this episode!

Next episode:  “Rainy Night”

Macross TV Episode 31: Satan’s Dolls

Robotech calls this episode, “Khyron’s Revenge” because Khyron steals the micloning device that allows him to transform Zentradi from miclones to giants.  In contrast, Macross calls this eposide, “Satan’s Dolls”, describing how the Protoculture created the Zentradi and the Supervision Army through genetic engineering.

Episode title, scene shows satellite factory. Gloval and Exsedol oversee production of Regults, but a machine breaks down and stops the assembly line. The breakage is from Supervision Army attacks, whereas in Robotech, they're from attacks from other Zentradi.

In a scene omitted in Robotech, Kim, Shammy, and Vanessa gossip about how they saw Minmay and Kaifun arguing, and how their relationship is not going well.

In Robotech, after the scene showing the Regult assembly line, the Robotech Masters proceed with cloning Zor, and emphasize that they need to capture the "protoculture furnace" aboard the SDF-1.

In Trad City (New Detroit City in Robotech), some Zentradi have made off with the micloning device. Hikaru flies in, and kicks one Zentradi off the platform, a scene omitted in Robotech (and poorly edited out).

Hikaru demands that the Zentradi surrender. I like the look of the VF-1S' head.

When Oaji (Grell in Robotech) tells Kamjin they were unable to steal the micloning device, Kamjin and Laplamiz blame him for his increasing incompetence.

Meanwhile, back in Trad City, Hikaru argues with the mayor on who should watch the micloning device. Because Trad City has so many Zentradi citizens, the mayor feels the device should stay under the citizens' watch, but Hikaru feels otherwise since they lack the firepower to defend against someone stealing it.

The mayor was in Kaifun's car. Kaifun steps up, and speaks for keeping the micloning device in Trad City, but he does it more to go against the military instead of doing what's right.

Hikaru turns his head to look at Minmay sitting in the car.

Kaifun then demands that Hikaru go home. In Robotech, he sees Hikaru look at Minmay and he thinks that Hikaru is still in love with her. In contrast, in Macross, there's no such thought, only silent implication.

Minmay feels sorry for Hikaru, and imagines hugging him.

Kamjin decides to steal the micloning device himself, since he needs to keep his promise to the Zentradi that they will be able to convert themselves back to giants.

Kamjin's squad takes off in the strange shape of the letter "M".

One of Hikaru's squad members objects to just leaving. A strangely drawn, cross-eyed fellow, isn't he?

Minmay worries that they're doing the wrong thing by keeping the micloning device. Kaifun tells her to stop worrying because it doesn't involve them! Uhhh, duh, Kaifun, then why did you get heavily involved??

Back on the Macross, Exsedol presents further findings from his investigation into the Zentradi and human's history.

Finally, Milia looks well-drawn again.

We learn that the Protoculture created the Zentradi over 500,000 years ago for one purpose: military force. Sounds like a theme behind Universal Soldier and Iron Man, huh?

The Zentradi and Supervision Army didn't have culture, because the Protoculture feared if they had it, their creation would be more powerful than they were.

But it happened anyway...

500,000 years of war!

Exsedol feels like a puppet

Hikaru wonders if the human race was also genetically engineered. Reminds you of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Global thinks humans probably weren't created, but he's not sure. In Robotech, Exsedol states definitively that the human race was not created by the Protoculture.

Exsedol is being hard on himself

Hikaru and Misa talk after the meeting

Misa thinks the two of them fight, too.

Hikaru disagrees

Misa blames herself

Quite a statement!

Will the human race destroy itself through war?

Meanwhile, Kamjin's forces easily steal the micloning device. The Destroids and valkryies are no match for Kamjin's forces.

The line for the micloning device is as long as a line to buy an iPad 2!

Kamjin celebrates stealing the micloning device.

Claudia tells Misa and Hikaru that the micloning device was stolen, and Hikaru rushes back to Trad City. He sees Minmay in Kaifun's car, but Kaifun drives away.

Minmay misses Hikaru

As a closing note, what’s with the word, “Answer” in so many scenes during this episode?

Next episode:  “Broken Heart”!

Macross TV Episode 30: Viva Maria

This episode’s title refers to Max and Milia’s daughter Komilia Maria.  Robotech changed the title to “Viva Miriya”, and of course, as a lead-in to Southern Cross, changed Maria’s name to Dana.

A group of people from the Macross go to Britai's ship for the mission to capture the satellite factory. Here, a Zentradi soldier hits a button to lower the landing platform.

There are Hikaru's white VF-1S, and Max and Milia's blue and red VF-1J's.

Britai is quite the host!

Milia lowers the pod holding Maria. Note the screen, "Maria is beautiful"

Milia's facial proportions just aren't right

Max invites Hikaru to a party in his quarters

Max cooks! Obviously, Milia doesn't...

Some interesting integrals on the computer screen! I remember my calculus days! Britai executes a fold.

In a scene in Robotech, the Masters attempt to resurrect Zor

Milia feeding Maria

Misa is fascinated with Maria

Misa looks like her DYRL persona

Uh, Milia, Misa isn't married like you are...

After Max convinces Milia, Milia throws Maria to Misa!

This scene was omitted in Robotech, because it would have caused quite a stir!

Nice catch, Misa!

Misa enjoys Maria's cuteness.

Max and Hikaru have a man-to-man chat

Max starts applying some pressure on Hikaru to make a move!

Claudia retires to her quarters, and thinks of Roy. In Robotech, Claudia says, "Well, I hope those two get it together soon."

Misa requests that Hikaru wait for her in her quarters. Hikaru finds a picture of her and Riber.

Misa walks in, to Hikaru's surprise

Heh, Misa is the hospitable host

It's almost like Misa and Hikaru are dating, and the serious question of having kids comes up. In Robotech, their conversation is about Hikaru not having seen Minmay in several months.

Hikaru responds that he's fine with kids. And here comes another question...

Unfortunately, before Misa is able to ask her question, she gets paged for duty

Britai's ship has come across a destroyed Supervision Army warship. In Robotech, it's a Zentradi recon ship.

Exsedol concludes the ship was recently destroyed

Misa wants to investigate the ship, but Britai objects because it's a distraction, and may be a booby trap, just like the Macross was.

Britai commences a fold, and they arrive at the satellite factory

Max and Milia take off with FAST packs.

To shock the Zentradi aboard the satellite factory into surrendering, Britai has Misa order Hikaru to kiss her

Hikaru hesitates, and Milia wonders why

Hikaru objects to Misa's order

Misa grabs Hikaru, and kisses him

The Zentradi aboard the satellite factory were shocked by the kiss. Max and Milia break into a landing area, and Milia introduces herself

Milia introduces Max as one of the Protoculture

The Zentradi are shocked to see Maria

Milia introduces Maria

The Zentradi flee, even the leader of the satellite factory

The Zentradi flee because they feel they've been contaminated

Britai's ship destroys the satellite factory leader's ship, which looks very similar to Britai's

Milia fights with Maria partying in her lap

In Robotech, Hikaru says, "Fire all proton torpedoes on my command." A homage to Star Trek!

Britai's ship boards the satellite factory

Having captured the satellite factory, Britai executes a fold back to Earth

Next episode:  “Satan’s Dolls”

Macross TV Episode 29: Lonely Song

In this episode, post-war society is slowly changing, because an increasing number of Zentradi are getting fed up with civilian life, and want to return to war.  Robotech calls this episode, “Robotech Masters.”

In Robotech, and not in the Macross episode, we get our first glimpse at the Robotech Masters, who've detected the energy from the destruction of Dolza's mothership and main fleet. The Masters comment that an omni-directional barrier system overload could've destroyed Dolza's mothership. But wasn't it the reaction missiles that did?

A lone Zentradi soldier died out in the middle of nowhere...

...holding a Minmay doll.

We see a birds-eye shot of Macross City. What happened to the rest of the water?

Workers solder circuit boards

But more Zentradi are getting fed up with just working, and are leaving their jobs.

We hear a piano playing a Minmay song

Minmay comes on stage, and is shocked to see so few people in the audience

Minmay almost couldn't perform

Those are some pretty big tables with only four chairs per table. In Robotech, this sequence is reduced to Minmay's concluding her performance.

We learn that Kaifun and Minmay want to build their own concert hall

Minmay begins to doubt herself

Minmay and Kaifun leave for dinner in a futuristic car with four wheels in the front.

Meanwhile, Exsedol has been studying the history of the peoples on Earth, and the Zentradi

Exsedol re-states what we, the audience, already knew: the people of Earth and the Zentradi were descendants of the Protoculture

Exsedol concludes that both peoples enjoy waging war

Hikaru has an issue with Exsedol's choice of words

I think this guy makes a good point: people on Earth have throughout history waged war. I wonder what the artists meant to draw this guy's eyes with dark where there should be white, and white where there should be dark pupils

Hikaru thinks to himself that humans must never become like the Zentradi, only enjoying war.

Minmay wants to go eat dinner at Kaifun's parents, but Kaifun doesn't. After Minmay opens the car door when the car was moving, Kaifun offers to drop Minmay off on the outskirts of town. Once inside Nyan Nyan Restaurant, Minmay greets Kaifun's dad by sticking her tongue out.

Everyone is glad to see Minmay, even the mayor and his wife

Minmay goes upstairs to her old room, and sees the damaged ceiling corner where Hikaru's battroid had fallen.

Minmay pines for Hikaru

She finds Hikaru's medal in a drawer, and remembers how he gave it to her

Hikaru had thrown the medal from the street below up to her window. Minmay thinks she hears Hikaru's voice. She opens the window, but only hears the wind

The next morning, we see that Loli, Warera, and Conda have their own laundry business

Conda mentions that he heard Minmay is staying at Nyan Nyan. Suddenly, Warera sees Minmay walking towards them. He runs to her, and asks for her autograph on a customer's piece of laundry

Meanwhile, in another part of town, two Zentradi are looting, and run into the mayor and his wife

Hikaru is out jogging, and runs into Misa, and they both talk about worrying about the city because of the increasing number of disgruntled Zentradi

Minmay stumbles upon Hikaru and Misa, and overhears Hikaru telling Misa that he put her pictures in his photo album. Minmay starts crying, and Hikaru turns around and sees her. Minmay runs off, and Hikaru follows, but Minmay disappears.

Suddenly, Hikaru hears the two looting Zentradi and goes to them. Four Destroids arrive, having been summoned because the mayor's wife reported the Zentradi by calling the authorities

Hikaru attempts some diplomacy

One Zentradi asks to be sent back to the Zentradi forces so he can fight a war

The disgruntled Zentradi flicks Hikaru away with one finger, and the Destroids are about to open fire when Hikaru stops them. We see some regret in the Zentradi's face, and then he abruptly leaves.

Kamjin hears of the increasing number of Zentradi

Kamjin asks his loyal followers to bring other disgruntled Zentradi to him

Meanwhile, at Minmay's next concert, she tells Kaifun she wants to reinvent her singing

Minmay wants to sing songs for herself

Global instructs Max, Milia, Hikaru, and Misa that their next mission is to capture a Zentradi satellite that manufactures Zentradi spaceships.

Next episode:  “Viva Maria”, which refers to Max and Milia’s daughter Maria.  In Robotech, the episode is, “Viva Miriya” because in Robotech, their daughter’s name is Dana, as a lead-in to Southern Cross!

Macross TV Episode 28: My Album

Robotech calls this episode, “Reconstruction Blues”, focusing more on the post-war society that is rebuilding civilization on Earth.  In contrast, Macross calls this episode, “My Album”, focusing more on Hikaru’s photo album filled with Minmay’s pictures.

It's been two years since the final battle against Bodolzaa

While out on patrol, Hikaru finds an entire field of dandelions, outside any reconstruction zone

Hikaru remembers when he was much younger, running through a field of grass and dandelions, and chasing Roy flying a plane.

The Macross/SDF-1 looks pretty beat up

A new city has sprung up around the Macross, of course called Macross City!

Hikaru's place

We discover that Misa regularly cleans Hikaru's place

Misa finds a photo album filled with Minmay pictures

In a fit of jealousy, Misa turns Hikaru's Minmay poster upside-down

In an imaginary conversation with Roy, Hikaru remembers he joined the military to protect women, especially Minmay. In Robotech, Roy says Rick will be flying for the safety of his loved ones.

Hikaru hears a Minmay concert in Grante City. In Robotech, it's Granite City.

Kaifun is the Emcee at the concert, and speaks out against the military

Minmay wears a more mature-looking dress

Hikaru joins the audience at the concert, and is glad to see Minmay

Meanwhile, Misa continues her jealousy

Misa sees Max and Milia with a new baby

And imagines having a family with Hikaru

After the concert, Kaifun is drunk and complains about not getting paid for the concert, even though they received a box of food

Kaifun looking too much to the bottle..

Minmay doesn't like Kaifun's behavior

Minmay wants to take a break from Kaifun

Meanwhile, some Zentradi have gotten some battlepods and are wreaking havoc. Misa is called in on her day off.

There are three battlepods attacking some city

Misa expresses her jealousy to Hikaru as Hikaru takes off to combat the battlepods

Misa gives Hikaru a hard time for putting his personal life ahead of his job

Kim and Shammy wonder why Vanessa got promoted and they didn't. In Robotech, Shammy tells Kim about how Misa regularly cleans Hikaru's place, and how Hikaru "won't take her places".

Shammy feels she should've gotten the promotion

Hikaru's squad engages the battlepods. One valkyrie got its arm shot off

When Hikaru arrives, he commands that the pods stop. The pods' answer tells Hikaru he has to take more serious action.

Hikaru disables the pods, and the pilots flee

After returning to base, Hikaru finds Misa waiting for him

Misa plies Hikaru for his whereabouts

Misa gives Hikaru some photos of herself!

Global calls Hikaru in to discuss transferring all Zentradi to posts inside the Macross

The reason is that as more Zentradi uprisings occur, Global doesn't want Zentradi pilots fighting their own people. Hikaru's squad, for example, has some Zentradi pilots.

Minmay misses Hikaru

Hikaru wonders if Minmay and Kaifun aren't getting along. He says that they weren't like that a year ago. This thought is omitted in Robotech.

And so the stage is set for a post-war drama!  Whatever happened to Hikaru saying that if he and Misa were the only survivors, that wouldn’t be too bad a situation??

Next episode:  “Lonely Song”

Macross TV Episode 27: Love Flows By

This episode is one of my favorites.  Lots of action, lots of tense emotional moments, great Minmay songs, wonderful artwork, and some great cinematic shots.  Robotech calls this episode, “Force of Arms”.  I like the Macross TV episode title more, because it emphasizes what is at the core of this series:  a love story, not a war story.

The episode title is the title of one of Minmay's songs, which captures what true love is.

Here's an example of what I mean by great artwork. Milia hair and face have nice shadows. Her eyes are well-drawn, not those cross-eyed ones we saw when she attacked Max in the park.

Max's glasses have multiple reflections, and his hair has nice shadows, too.

In this shot, Hikaru looks almost like his DYRL persona. Here, under pressure of a seemingly undefeatable force, Hikaru runs up to Minmay and reveals his true feelings.

The truth finally comes out!

Hikaru cedes his defeat. In Robotech, he just says, "Farewell for now."

Nice close-up, lots of detail in Hikaru's hair, eyes, and hand.

Minmay's priceless reaction to what Hikaru just told her

We learn that the mecha aboard the Macross are being retrofitted with reaction warheads.

We see a three-man crew take off in a Konig Monster, which damages the floor with one step!

Another bridge bunny, who looks coincidentally like a mixture between Misa and Milia.

Minmay goes to Hikaru's quarters

Minmay's true feelings for Hikaru come out. I like the shading in this shot.

A short cut to show a portion of the main fleet along with Bodolzaa's mothership.

Yep, Hikaru, Minmay already chose Kaifun over you

I don't know if that would have made any difference, Hikaru.

Great shot, coordinating the dialogue with Hikaru's helmet. Nice shading on the helmet, too!

Hikaru and Minmay realize the truth

Another priceless reaction

Suddenly, the main fleet unleashes a barrage against the Earth, destroying everything on the surface

Minmay regrets that her parents are probably dead, and Hikaru regrets that Misa may be gone, too.

Hikaru asks Minmay to sing as part of a psychological attack against Bodolzaa's forces

Building on Hikaru's suggestion, Exsedol and Global request that Minmay kiss Kaifun in order to shock Bodolzaa's forces.

Apparently, the kiss is more effective than Minmay's songs.

Minmay agrees to the kiss

Alaska Base survived the Zentradi barrage, and fires the Grand Cannon, eliminating a huge swath of ships

Great shadows and lighting effect on Global's face here. Why didn't they build more than one Grand Cannon?

Loli, Conda, and Warera wish Minmay good luck in her performance

I like this detailed shot of valkryies with FAST packs and reaction missiles. Great shadowing and detail.

The Macross flies through the open swath created by the Grand Cannon

Minmay sings, "My Boyfriend Is a Pilot" I like her dress in DYRL's final battle better--it's more elegant. The polka-dot skirt here seems a bit casual. In Robotech, Minmay sings, "We Can Win"

The Zentradi are shocked by Minmay's song. What's with the guy's long hair on the right?

Just before she kisses Kaifun, Minmay bids goodbye to Hikaru

Hikaru almost can't bear watching

Bodolzaa's fighters. Are those Nousjadeul Ger's?

Awesome sequence with Hikaru's valkyrie rotating while firing, and causing many explosions

Great shot of the Macross firing its missiles

Milia and Max in battroids with FAST packs and reaction warheads

After destroying a Zentradi cruiser with his reaction missiles, Hikaru gets hit by Zentradi missiles

Hikaru's FAST pack armor protects him from missile blasts. After being knocked unconscious, Hikaru detaches his armor, and flies towards the Earth.

Back on Earth, Misa's father dies from what seems like an explosion. We don't know why the Grand Cannon was damaged after it fired.

In a flashback, we see that Minmay and Hikaru kissed.

The explosions on Earth are like stars, giving an interesting backdrop to Minmay and Hikaru's kiss.

Hikaru says goodbye to Minmay after remembering their kiss

Hikaru hears Misa's broadcast

Kamjin decides to join Bodolzaa's forces.

Destroid Defender on Macross, and what looks like an armored VF-1A in the background.

Two Konig Monsters near the Macross bridge

We see Kaifun's parents in some shelter, and some curious-looking people in the background, including a man with sunglasses. This scene is omitted in Robotech.

Hikaru flies into Alaska Base, and with his lasers, opens a hole to a corridor where Misa is waiting.

Interesting how this scene wasn't presented in color

Hikaru and Misa fly through an explosion, which breaks the canopy's windshield.

Concentrating its pinpoint barrier on its main guns, the Macross breaks into Bodolzaa's mothership.

Bodolzaa, meet your nemesis!

Just like in DYRL, Bodolzaa's last words curse the Protoculture.

Macross fires its reaction warheads in all directions

The Macross then enables its barrier system

The reaction warhead explosions ripple through Bodolzaa's mothership

Bodolzaa's mothership explodes. Interesting how the explosion is portrayed almost like a liquid that spills spherically.

Misa thanks Hikaru for rescuing her, even though he disobeyed her order of not rescuing her because it was dangerous

Misa had a feeling Hikaru would come for her

Now, THERE'S a smile

Misa thinks they may be the only survivors

Hikaru speaks like a true romantic. Nice depth-of-field, with Misa blurred in the foreground.

Great close-up of Misa, sparkly eyes, nice shadows in her hair

Suddenly, Misa and Hikaru hear Minmay's singing on the radio!

Great shot of the Macross, with the sun behind it

Hikaru and Misa look like two teenagers driving a convertible!

Misa is SO happy to see the Macross again. Her face looks so much younger, and almost looks like Minmay's.

Hikaru and Misa fly back to the Macross

Great ending to this episode!  So many great shots/scenes!

Next episode:  “My Album”