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Hello blog readers, eyeforthings here. Just want to let you know I’m moving to a self-hosted site, See you there!


Hobby Link Japan has VF-1J 30th Anniversary Edition from Arcadia for Pre-Order

Just saw the 30th Anniversary Edition of the VF-1J from Arcadia on Hobby Link Japan’s site, available for pre-order, to be released in August:

The mold definitely looks like Yamato’s VF-1J mold.  However, I’m not getting it.  I would never paint my valkyries in a way that they don’t resemble something from the movie or TV series..

Yamato Toys shut down!

I have been wondering why leads to a “page not found” error.  I just found this blog post about Yamato Toys shutting down very quietly:

I sure hope the toy designers from Yamato found jobs at Arcadia, the company that hopefully will acquire the rights to continue making Macross toys.  However, I’m not sure it will happen, because Yamato already made the most popular valkyries already, and tried to re-sell updates by including the pilot seats.  I thought about getting one of the updates (“with option parts”), but decided not to because I couldn’t see myself playing that much with the pilot seats.

I am really glad Yamato released the VF-4, though.  That toy was a completely new design, and must have been quite an investment to make.

Excellent post on Robotech Love Story on

As published on’s Facebook news feed today, there’s an awesome opinion piece on the Rick-Minmei-Lisa love story on

Yamato 1/60 VF4-G Lightning III Is Here!

After a long wait, I finally received Yamato’s 1/60th-scale VF4-G Lightning III!  After playing with it, I realize why it took so long to make.  There are so many intricate parts, and the transformation is quite complicated, too.


Front of the box


Back of the box

Now, opening the box…


The top is protected by two layers of plastic


The VF4-G, two stand parts, two articulated hands, and a pilot. Wait, where’s the gunpod??


Bottom of the inside of the box. Nice labeling..


Instruction manual and sticker sheet


Fighter mode. Ah, looks just like it does in Flashback 2012, except this is a gray color scheme, not the white color scheme..


Close-up of the pilot


Close-up of the left engine booster. Looks like the booster on the VF-1 Fast pack.


Close-up of cannon on the right engine

Onto gerwalk mode!


The VF-4 is slightly difficult to stand up in gerwalk mode, because of the long nose.


And finally, battroid mode.  It took a long time to transform from gerwalk mode!




Someone please tell me this is some booster/thruster, and not a speaker!

The build quality is superb:  the VF-4 is heavier than the VF-1’s because there’s more die-cast metal.  The shoulders, elbows, neck, and leg joints are all made of metal.  A must for Macross fans!

Yamato VF-4G Lightning III coming!

Just saw this post on about the progress on the VF-4G Lightning III from Macross Flashback 2012.  It looks simply awesome!  I especially like the gerwalk mode.  It reminds me of the shuttle  Tydirium.


Weak Dollar Against the Japanese Yen

So how are you toy collectors out there feeling about the weak U.S. dollar against the Japanese yen? As of today, the exchange rate is $1 U.S. = 83.55 yen. For a vanilla Yamato VF-1 at 9800 yen, that’s about $117. Take a yen figure, and move the decimal point over two places, and increase the number by 20%, and there you go! This exchange rate makes it hard to buy those nice-looking Yamato and Bandai toys. But for people in Japan buying U.S. goods, the yen goes a lot farther!

As a result of this exchange rate, Hobby Link Japan sent an e-mail this last Monday 9/27 that mentioned the following:

Yeah, we hate the high yen, too!

Anybody who has shopped with HLJ for more than the last few months shares our pain. Since 2007, the Japanese yen has risen over 40% in value against the euro and US dollar. And since we price our products in yen, that means you’ve been paying more for everything at HLJ.

Over the last year or so, we’ve run many different special sales to try to help offset the higher yen, but we’ve decided we think there’s a better way. So starting next week, HLJ is going to start rolling out a new “our price” system on many of the brands and items we carry. These items will always be offered lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. And what’s more, we’re also rethinking our special sales, too. There will be fewer of them, but we think you’ll find them more attractive than ever before.

As we prepare to roll out our new system, we’ve decided to end every sale currently taking place at HLJ this Friday, October 1st at 6pm JST. And for a few days after that, everything will be offered at its regular price only. So if you’ve had your eye on something discounted at HLJ, be sure to buy now! You can peruse everything with a special price at HLJ on our sales page.

Of course I wish we could just manipulate currency rates directly (who doesn’t?). But since we can’t, we’re just going to do our best to make it as easy as possible for you to get all the great hobby and anime stuff from Japan and the world that you know and love.

Stay tuned, and as always, thank you for all of your business with HLJ.

Scott T. Hards


So for some items, HLJ will offer them always at lower than the MSRP, and will have fewer sales.  Hm, I am curious to find out how much lower these new prices will be relative to the MSRP.