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Sega’s Prize Figures of Asuka and Ayanami

While browsing an anime store, I came across two Evangelion figures of Asuka and Ayanami, made by Sega, Prize, High Grade Plug Suit Figure, Rei & Sohryu Asuka, set of 2″

These figures are taller than the 1/60 Yamato valkyrie!

Ayanami Rei, VF-1A Max TV Type, and Asuka Langley

Ayanami Rei

Asuka Langley

Each figure has its own stand, and is not poseable.  The figures balance on the stand via the semicircular clip that attaches to their calves.  The paint work is superb:  lines are well defined on each figure’s plug suit.  The faces are also well done:

I like the facial expressions:  Ayanami was the unemotional one, whereas Asuka was the fiery one.  While the Ayanami figure balances well on its stand, the Asuka figure does not because its center of gravity is not in line with Asuka’s legs.  As a result, Asuka tends to fall off the stand when moved.

Finally, the box’s back panel has instructions on how to assemble the stand and attach each figure, and notes the 10th anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I haven’t seen the recent DVD’s of Evangelion.  If you’ve seen them, how do they compare to the original TV series?