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Yamato 1/60 VF4-G Lightning III Is Here!

After a long wait, I finally received Yamato’s 1/60th-scale VF4-G Lightning III!  After playing with it, I realize why it took so long to make.  There are so many intricate parts, and the transformation is quite complicated, too.


Front of the box


Back of the box

Now, opening the box…


The top is protected by two layers of plastic


The VF4-G, two stand parts, two articulated hands, and a pilot. Wait, where’s the gunpod??


Bottom of the inside of the box. Nice labeling..


Instruction manual and sticker sheet


Fighter mode. Ah, looks just like it does in Flashback 2012, except this is a gray color scheme, not the white color scheme..


Close-up of the pilot


Close-up of the left engine booster. Looks like the booster on the VF-1 Fast pack.


Close-up of cannon on the right engine

Onto gerwalk mode!


The VF-4 is slightly difficult to stand up in gerwalk mode, because of the long nose.


And finally, battroid mode.  It took a long time to transform from gerwalk mode!




Someone please tell me this is some booster/thruster, and not a speaker!

The build quality is superb:  the VF-4 is heavier than the VF-1’s because there’s more die-cast metal.  The shoulders, elbows, neck, and leg joints are all made of metal.  A must for Macross fans!

Macross Flashback 2012

Macross Flashback 2012 is a 30-minute video which includes 7 minutes of new footage that describes the events after DYRL ends.  The new footage is also consistent with the ending to the TV series.  Essentially, Misa and Hikaru embark on a mission to colonize space, and they bring Minmay along, too, because Minmay wants to go.

Flashback 2012 starts with a blank screen, and we hear Minmay counting "1, 2, 3...", just like we did at the end of DYRL. We then see the same concert that appeared when the DYRL credits rolled.

Like Misa said at the end of the final TV episode, Minmay is a bigger star than ever. She has fancier clothes, a bigger audience, and she's performing at a huge concert hall.

Behind the concert hall is the Macross

The Macross is in the same state as it was at the end of DYRL...

... with its main gun stubs. Here's where DYRL ended.

We now see some music videos:  Sunset Beach, 0-G Love, Shao Pai Long, Silver Moon/Red Moon, Love Passes Away, Cinderella, and Do You Remember Love? (the movie final battle song).  The videos have footage from both the TV series and DYRL.

Hikaru and Minmay in a VF-1D in DYRL

We also see some artwork, like this sketch of Minmay.

Minmay in DYRL when she was trapped in the Macross with Hikaru

Scene from the TV series where Roy saves Minmay's life.

I like this close-up of a playful Minmay in concert.

Close-up of Misa when she was with Hikaru on the old Protoculture city. This close-up totally reminds me of Kira from the movie, "The Dark Crystal", especially since Misa has big ears, just like Kira's.

I'm so glad Yamato made their Macross display stands by using the design of the DYRL valkyrie launch arms!

The music videos sometimes show footage from real wars in the background.

And here's a close-up of the needle of a vinyl record player! Kids these days have never seen one of these!

Another record player needle, a really old one.

After 23 minutes of music videos, we finally get to see the new footage. Here's the concert hall, empty, only with Minmay there.

Minmay is wearing a fancy outfit that makes her look quite mature

Minmay fiddles with the keyboard

Minmay imagines Hikaru giving her a microphone

Minmay also imagines seeing Misa, too

We see Minmay dressed casually and she packs her belongings into a big bag

Minmay slams her hand on the table. This scene is just like the one in the TV series where she argues with her parents. But we never saw her parents on the Macross in DYRL. Are these people her parents?

Ah, now there's a beauty! The VF-4 Lightning III, the successor to the VF-1 valkyrie, which we saw Hikaru playing with in Episode 36.

I wish Yamato would make a toy of it!

Minmay in her make-up room.

Minmay stands next to a big poster of the SDF-1 Macross. See the line at the bottom? "A long time ago ... in a galaxy far, far away..." Hey wait a minute! That's Star Wars!

We learn that Misa's new ship is called the Megaroad-01.

Great scene with Misa wearing a captain's uniform.

Minmay aboard the Megaroad-01.

I was confused by the Megaroad take-off. That's Minmay in the lower-left-hand corner, but she's aboard the ship, right?

Great depiction of Minmay looking up at the stars.

The Megaroad-01 is HUGE compared with the Macross, unless in this shot, the Megaroad is in the foreground and the Macross is in the background.

This shot tells us that Minmay is definitely aboard the Megaroad.

Hikaru's VF-4 alongside the Megaroad's multi-level bridge, which looks similar to the Macross' bridge.

Misa and Hikaru, this time from Misa's viewpoint.

Hikaru gives a thumbs-up to Misa, then turns to look straight ahead.

We see Zentradi cruisers in the background

Minmay bows

Credits roll, and we get a nice closing shot.

Some other info on Flashback 2012: