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Figma’s Kagura Tsuchimiya from Ga-Rei Zero

Figma’s Kagura Tsuchimiya from Ga-Rei Zero is a nice action figure, just like its companion Yomi figure.  The box is pink with black chains.

Inside the box is the figure, sandwiched between two plastic containers.

There’s the Michael 12 sword, the dagger, a right hand with Kagura’s red cell phone, two extra faces, a display stand, a chain for the Michael 12, a hand holder with different hands, and a bag to hold everything.

Unlike Yomi’s figure whose head is vertical with her body, Kagura’s head is slightly tilted.

Here’s Kagura with the Michael 12 sword and her smiling face.

Here’s Kagura in an action pose with the mean face.

The display stand has a peg that fits into a hole in Kagura’s back.

Here’s the dagger.

And here’s the Michael 12 with the chain attached.

Finally, here’s Kagura next to Yomi.

Figma’s Yomi Isayama from Ga-Rei Zero

I finally received Figma’s Yomi Isayama figure.  This is my first Figma action figure, and I’m impressed with its articulation, many hand choices, accessories, and line art accuracy.

The box has a nice blue/black color scheme.  The action figure is protected from the plastic container by some thin plastic wrapping.

The left side panel shows chains and the blue butterflies from Kazuhiro, the evil boy.

What’s inside?

Besides the action figure, there are several hands, two other faces, a head piece with a long pony tail, Yomi’s sword and sheath, the Douglas 28 iron, a display stand, a nice plastic bag for holding everything, a small instruction sheet, and a hand holder that holds 8 hands.

How tall is Yomi?  She’s about 5 inches tall, about as tall as a Yamato VF-1S Gnu-Dou!

How do you change the faces?  Each head (the long hair one and the pony tail one) has notches to fit first the face, then the hairpiece that includes the bangs and the sideburns.

Pony tail head face and hairpiece mounts

Face mounted onto pony tail head, and notches on hairpiece

Yomi’s sword and sheath are beautifully painted and detailed.

The pony tail pivots/rotates on back of Yomi's head. See the hole in Yomi's back? That's for the display stand.

Here’s how the display stand peg fits into the hole in Yomi’s back.

The display stand base is not wide enough, in my opinion, for poses that require Yomi’s feet to be widely apart.

There’s a nice cell phone accessory–Yomi used her cell phone a lot in the series.

The Douglas 28 iron comes with a chain!

In Episode 4, Yomi had to fight briefly with the Douglas 28 when her sword underwent maintenance.

Here’s the hand holder.  It holds 8 hands.

Overall, this action figure is very nice, minus a slight PVC plasticky smell.  It’s highly articulated at the ankles, knees, hip, shoulders, elbows, and even most of the hands.  In most poses, you can have Yomi stand up without the aid of the display stand because the ankles are articulated.  If you need to use the display stand, it’s easier to use it with the pony tail head, because the display stand peg needs to be plugged into Yomi’s back, and doing this with the long hair head is difficult.

I bought it from Hobby Link Japan, but it’s now strangely marked as Discontinued:


Did Figma make enough of these?

Ga-Rei Zero Soundtrack

After having the opening song of Ga-Rei Zero stuck in my mind because of its fast beat, I looked for the soundtrack, and found it on CD Japan.

The opening song is “Paradise Lost” (Track 2).  Here’s the CD insert!

Back/front cover of CD insert

Track listing and lyrics

Track 14 is the ending song.  There are also a few nice piano pieces.  For track samples, go to http://www.neowing.co.jp/track_for_cdj.html?KEY=LACA-5837

Ga-Rei Zero: Enticing!

If you like the following movies:  Kill Bill, Resident Evil, Shinobi, and The Lord of the Rings, and you want to see a good mixture of elements from these movies in a 12-episode anime, then watch Ga-Rei Zero!  Ga-Rei Zero involves two close friends, Yomi and Kagura, who consider each other a sister, but are not blood-related.

Yomi and Kagura

Yomi is older than Kagura, and mentors her in being a warrior against supernatural evil beings.  Calling themselves exorcists, Yomi and Kagura work for the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division (SDCD) of the Ministry of the Environment.  They are experts in eliminating supernatural zombies and monsters through some very fancy samurai swordmanship.  While the younger Kagura becomes better and better throughout the series, we are left in suspense throughout the entire series wondering how Yomi started on the good side then went rogue and became an agent of evil.

SDCD members, Noriyuki, Nobu twins, Kazuki, and Kagura

Kazuki with machine-gun suitcases. Remember Desperado?

Mariachi's from Desperado. Remember the machine gun guitar cases and the rocket launcher?

The series reminds me of Kill Bill because of the swordsmanship and schoolgirl fetishism:  similar to Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill, the schoolgirl-dressed henchwoman at Lucy Liu’s side, both Yomi and Kagura are dressed in their school uniforms throughout the entire series.

Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill

Ga-Rei Zero reminds me of Resident Evil because of the zombies and nasty monsters that SDCD fights against.  There are many gory scenes throughout the series, and fortunately, most scenes are shown in Hitchcock style:  you see the blood spatter, but you don’t see the point of contact.

Mei reminds me of the characters in Shinobi:  Heart Under Blade.  Mei is dressed in long cloth, has pink hair, and carries a big blade.  She also is shown beautifully against the moon in the background, similar to Kouga Gennosuke’s flying into the air at night with the moon in the background.

Mei, with the moon in the background

Finally, Ga Rei Zero reminds me of the ring in The Lord of the Rings:  just like the Ring magnifies a person’s evil emotions, the death stones that the evil boy Kazuhiro keeps bring out the worst of the dark sides of two characters (you’ll have to watch the series to find out who).

Kazuhiro, keeper of the death stones to rule them all?

For the two characters who are affected by the death stones, would they have done the same things had they not been affected by the stones?