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Movie Review: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

While reading reviews of Uma Ga Kikoeru, I saw that some people recommended “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” as a good anime movie that captures love in the time of high school.  So I watched it, and was pleasantly surprised!


The primary protagonist, Makoto, is a female high school student who suddenly discovers she can literally leap back through time.  She uses her newfound power to alter the outcomes of particular situations, some humorous, and some life-and-death situations.  This movie reminded me of “Groundhog Day” , because for certain situations, Makoto tries going back in time at various points in the past, to see how she can alter the final outcome.  Like “Run Lola Run”, this movie emphasizes that the tiny decisions in life we make can profoundly affect a later outcome.

What really impressed me about this movie is that it captures the emotions between boys and girls at a time where people are changing from just being friends and girls being tomboys, to when boys start asking girls out on dates, and girls start telling boys that they’re interested.  These themes envelope Makoto and her two guy friends, Chiaki and Kousuke.  Luckily, Kousuke is not like Kyousuke from Kimagure Orange Road; instead, he’s a stud who one girl likes.

There is a very interesting sci-fi twist towards the end of the movie.  Definitely an entertaining movie, with lots of strong, solid voice acting.  Highly recommended!