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Vermilion Squadron in Macross/Robotech TV Series

In Episode 10 (“Blind Game”) of the Macross/Robotech TV series, we see the Vermilion Squadron in a lot of action!

Vermilion Squadron in fighter mode. This particular shot of the side views of the valkryies in fighter mode reminds me of the colonial vipers from the original Battlestar Galactica!

Colonial vipers from the original Battlestar Galactica. How's that for nostalgia?

Vermilion Squadron in battloid mode, to rescue Misa Hayase / Lisa Hayes!

Max and Hayao/Ben in battloid mode

Here are Yamato’s 1/60-scale replicas of the Vermilion Squadron from the TV series!

Left to right, Hayao Kakizaki, Hikaru Ichijo, and Max Jenius' battloids

Hayao’s battloid has tan accents.  But in the screenshots above, his accents look a little darker.  Here’s another screenshot from Episode 10 of the battloid.

Hayao/Ben's battloid

Finally, the Yamato toys are numbered!

Hayao has 112, Hikaru has 101, and Max has 111

Interesting that 113 is missing!  On Max’s DYRL VF-1A, there’s a 013!