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Review: Michael Bradley’s “Lonely Soldier Boy” CD

After I found the video of Michael Bradley’s live performance of “Lonely Soldier Boy” on YouTube, I searched the ‘net, and found that he has his own Web site, and he sells a CD with a collection of his songs:


This CD comes with 11 tracks, including 3 bonus tracks.

"Lonely Soldier Boy" CD and front cover insert

"Lonely Soldier Boy" CD and front cover insert

  1. In My Heart
  2. It Don’t Get Any Better
  3. Lonely Soldier Boy
  4. Flower of Life
  5. Underground
  6. The Way To Love
  7. We Will Win
  8. Look Up!  The Sky Is Falling
  9. Lonely Soldier Boy demo
  10. It Don’t Get Any Better demo
  11. Look Up!  The Sky Is Falling demo
"Lonely Soldier Boy" Back Cover

"Lonely Soldier Boy" Back Cover (that bright spot is on the CD, and isn't my camera's flash)

The front cover insert has lyrics for six of the songs!



Michael explains, “The last three tracks of this CD are the original demos of Lonely Soldier Boy, It Don’t Get Any Better, and Look Up!  The Sky Is Falling.  These are the recordings that were played for music supervisor Thomas White and producer Carl Macek before they approved the songs to be included in the television series, ROBOTECH.  Please excuse the recording quality.  These are RAW demos recorded in my spare bedroom in Van Nuys, California in 1985 on a small 8-track recorder.  Once the songs were approved, we re-recorded them on a large 8-track recorder in someone else’s spare bedroom in Chatsworth, California.  Those were the recordings that were heard in the show…THESE are not!  Now you know why.”

So I’m slightly confused by this explanation–how come Michael couldn’t get the recordings from Robotech, especially since these songs are copyrighted by Harmony Gold Music?  Because these aren’t the recordings from Robotech, I was slightly disappointed.  But it’s great to have these songs on a CD!

“Flower of Life” has the music that I think was used for the background music in the 3rd series in Robotech, when we see scenes inside the Invid hive.

By far, my favorites on this CD are “Lonely Soldier Boy”, “We Will Win”, and “Look Up!  The Sky Is Falling”.