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Macross Chronicle Issue 48

Here’s the cover of Macross Chronicle Issue 48!  This issue is chock-full of great artwork.

That’s a VF-3000 Crusader on the cover.  According to the Macross Compendium, the VF-3000 was an improvement over the VF-1, but the VF-4 was chosen instead.

Here are blue and red variants of the VF-3000 (Max and Miriya’s color schemes).

Here’s the VF-25F from Macross Frontier.

Now here’s the Nousjadeul-Ger.

Here are some pages about Macross books.

The book in the upper left-hand corner is the Gold Book, which I bought back in the 80’s, but I lost it!  Most of its pages have frame-by-frame snapshots of Macross DYRL.

Then there’s an offer for getting the 1/60 VF-1A Angel Birds valkyrie and the Fan Racer.

The back cover has an ad for Macross Frontier-branded wafer crackers.

These cracker wrappers remind me of when Star Wars Episode IV was really popular, there were Star Wars-branded bubble gum with trading cards.  What is your favorite movie merchandise?

Macross Chronicle Issue 47

I can’t believe it.  Only 3 more issues of Macross Chronicle remain after Issue 47.  That’s right–Issue 50 will be the final one!

Issue 47 doesn’t disappoint.  It has nice cover art of a VF-1A.

The first “mechanic sheet” is for the VF-1A, and it’s a fold-out!

There’s a “goods sheet” of Yamato’s 1/2000-scale SDF-1.

There’s a nice drawing of Minmay from DYRL.

Finally, the back cover advertises a book with VF-1 illustrations by Tenjin Hidetaka, “Art Works of Macross Valkyries”.

Macross Chronicle Issue 46: VF-11C Mechanic Sheet

Issue 46 of Macross Chronicle (2010/04/29) has Macross Quarter on the cover.

However, in my opinion, the gem of this issue is the mechanic sheet for the VF-11C!

Macross Chronicle, Issue 45: VF-1D and Fan Racer

Macross Chronicle Issue 45 (2010/04/15) has a really nice cover showing the VF-1D with Minmay in its left hand.

Rick Hunter flying the VF-1D with Minmay outside the cockpit and in the fighter’s hand was one of the most memorable scenes from the Robotech/Macross TV series.

VF-1D foldout

VF-1D Mechanic Sheet 1 of 2

At the top of the VF-1D mechanic sheet above, see that picture second from the left, where Rick Hunter is flying out of the cockpit, and gets back in the cockpit because it’s closing?  Amazing!   That scene is one of the most suspenseful, action-packed scenes in the series!!

VF-1D Mechanic Sheet 2 of 2

Immediately after the mechanic sheets for the VF-1D are the mechanic sheets for Rick Hunter/Hikaru Ichijo’s Fan Racer.

Fan Racer Mechanic Sheet 1 of 2

Macross Chronicle calls it the “Fan Liner”.

Fan Racer Mechanic Sheet 2 of 2

When Rick/Hikaru’s Fan Racer accelerates in a vertical climb faster than the VF-1A Angel Birds, you know that he’s destined to become someone important.

Macross Chronicle Issue 43: VF-1A Mass Production and VF-1A Hayao Kakizaki

Issue 43 of Macross Chronicle has tech sheets on the VF-1A Mass Production TV Type and the VF-1A Hayao Kakizaki (Ben Dixon in Robotech).  I like the contrast between white and tan on the Mass Production TV Type, but the light tan on Hayao’s VF-1A seems a little too light…

Tech sheet on VF-1A Mass Production TV Type

Tech sheet on VF-1A Hayao Kakizaki

Macross Chronicle Magazine, Issue 30

If you like Macross artwork, tech specs, and character sheets, then check out the Macross Chronicle Magazine!  It’s a bi-weekly magazine published by Shogakukan Shueisha Production Company.  Now you can have a Macross experience every other week!

Here’s Issue #30, which features the VB-6 Koenig Monster on the cover.

Macross Chronicle, Issue 30

Macross Chronicle, Issue 30

This issue has a nice drawing of a couple of veritech fighters.


And here’s a character sheet on Lynn Minmay.


What surprised me was how thin Issue 30 is.  It’s 34 pages, excluding the cover!  You’ll also note the 3 puncholes in each page.  You can buy a binder and put all the pages in it.  Compared to the Variable Fighter Master File:  VF-1 Valkyrie, the Macross Chronicle magazine is really small!

Macross Chronicle on top, Variable Fighter Master File on the bottom

Macross Chronicle on top, Variable Fighter Master File on the bottom

You can find Macross Chronicle Magazine at Hobby Link Japan:  http://www.hlj.com/hljlist2/?SeriesID=934&MacroType=SciBoo&Dis=-2&GenreCode=Sci&searchpage=Scitop

If you’re close to a Kinokuniya Bookstore, you can have them order a magazine subscription for you!