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CM’s Corporation’s Macross Figure Collection: Part 1

CM’s Corporation has a 3-part gashapon Macross Figure Collection.  Here’s Part 1.

Hikaru Ichijo in DYRL Pilot Suit

Close-up of Hikaru Ichijo

Ishtar from Macross II

Macross II wasn’t as popular as the original Macross.  In my opinion, the characters and storyline were weak:  a reporter helps out an alien songstress.

Minmay in her final concert. Unlike the figure from the Minmay Special collection which has black hair, this one has blue hair

Mao Nome from Macross Zero

Mylene Jenius from Macross 7. She's holding a guitar.

Minmay doll with red dress. There's a switch on her back, too, just like the doll from the Minmay Special collection

These figures look great, but if you get them, I recommend getting a sealed display case because these figures have a nasty plastic odor.