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Tenjin Hidetaka Art Works of Macross: Valkyries Second Sortie

Today, we’re taking a peek at Tenjin Hidetaka’s latest book, Art Works of Macross:  Valkyries Second Sortie, which is the second book of this wonderful artist’s drawings of Macross valkyries.

Front cover

Table of Contents

Table of contents, cont'd

This book contains artwork from the covers of various Hasegawa model kits, Macross Chronicle magazines, and Bandai plastic model kits.

VF-0A/S with Ghost Boosters!

Klan Klan's Queadluun Rhea from Macross Frontier

VF-25F book cover, without the title text

VF-25F with Alto

Finally, here's the artist, Tenjin Hidetaka