Robotech Voice Actors

Now that the A&E Robotech DVD collection is available, I bought it, and started watching the extras.  In the “Making of Robotech” documentary, we see several voice actors.

Tony Oliver, voice of Rick Hunter

Richard Epcar. He looks like Ben Dixon, Grel, and Lunk!


Reba West, voice of Minmay


Michael, McConnohie, voice of General Emerson

Melanie Macqueen, voice of Lisa Hayes and Musica. She even has red hair like Lisa's!


Greg Finley, voice of Captain Gloval. I would have never suspected what Greg really looks like, because he does Gloval's accent so well!


Frank Catalano, voice of Rand. He totally sounds like Rand while speaking normally!

Ellyn Stern, voice of "additional characters"

Dan Woren, the voice of Roy Focker!! Great how he's wearing a SDF-1 cap!


Melodee Spevack, voice of Mission Control... all those voiceovers!


Cam Clarke, voice for Max and Lancer. He seems like a really cool guy!


Barbara Goodson, voice of Marie Crystal and Sera. I really like her strong voice!


Alexandra Kenworthy, the voice of Azonia and the Regess

Haven’t seen the voice actor for Khyron yet!   I’m curious what he looks like.


3 responses to “Robotech Voice Actors

  1. There is a clip on You Tube of Kyrons voice actor at a convention. He’s on stage with Cam Clarke. Just before Mr. Clarke sings ‘Lonely Soldier Boy’ Kyrons actor says, ” Yes, sing for me Micronian”, into the mic as Kyron. It’s worth watching just for that alone.

    Are these new DVDs worth it money? Is there new materal besides the “Making of Robotech”, which is enough for me to buy it in the past but now that I have a family and I’m “responsible” and all I just can’t do that.

    • I was only able to find this video with Reba West and Gregory Snegoff: Do you have a link to the YouTube video you’re referring to?

      I’m not sure these new DVD’s are worth it. The new material isn’t all that compelling. There’s a Robotech movie, which I didn’t know existed, but it’s just an edit of Southern Cross material. Also, I compared the video quality with that of the Protoculture Collection, and I don’t see any significant difference.

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