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HLJ getting VF-1A Angelbirds and VF-X in May

Not sure if you saw the Web-only specials from Yamato, the 1/60-scale VF-1A Angelbirds (the valkryie that Hikaru flew by in his fan racer) and the 1/60-scale VF-X (from PlayStation games), but HobbyLink Japan will have them in May, and you can pre-order them now:

VF-1A Angelbirds:  http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00212

VF-X:  http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00213

Since I don’t really feel strongly about either, I’m not going to get them, but wanted to let you collectors out there know.

Yamato VF-1S Max and Roy Have Same Off-White Color

One of our readers asked if the VF-1S Max DYRL and VF-1S Roy DYRL have the same white color.  Yep, they do!

VF-1S Max DYRL on the left, VF-1S Roy on the right

Side view

Yamato’s SDF-1 Macross DYRL 1/3000 scale

The latest addition to my Macross collection is Yamato’s recently released 1/3000th scale SDF-1 Macross, DYRL style.

Box, front view

Box, rear view

Compared to a 1/60 valkryie box, the SDF-1 is a little taller and wider.

The SDF-1 comes packed tightly in a styrofoam container, with a styrofoam lid (not shown). The screw covers, seen at the top of the tray, need to be glued onto the toy. Gee, I haven't done that in ages, since I used Revell glue! The display stand is beneath the main gun, and the display stand pieces are at the bottom of the tray. On the top right and lower right are the ARMD's.

Since I haven’t bought model glue yet, the pictures below do not show all the little pieces glued onto the toy.

Here's a top view of the SDF-1, with only one of the ARMD's attached. You have to use quite a bit of force to attach the ARMD's!

Front view of the SDF-1 in cruiser mode. The toy is amazingly detailed with lots of gun turrets and surface detail.

Front view reminds me of the opening sequence of DYRL

Speaking of detail, one nice touch is you can see the multiple levels of the bridge inside the plastic covering.

Look at that red circle thingy. Is it a big vernier thruster?

SDF-1's engines

Lots of detail on the surface of the ARMD.

Close-up of the top of the SDF-1: nice detail

Lots of screws in the arm

Nice Features (“Gimmicks”)

Yamato did a good job with giving this toy some cool features.

The tips of the main guns extend and retract. You simply pull on the tips to extend them. I like having the option of deciding when I want to avoid potentially damaging these tips.

On the left leg are two portals: the left one rotates to reveal clear plastic, thereby simulating opening and closing protective covers.

Close-up of the left window (2/3rds open).

Maybe those two windows are these two windows that we see in DYRL?

To take off the left leg cover, pop off the thinner side first, then on the thicker side, slide it away from the foot. We see a copyright notice on in the inside of the panel, as well as screws that hold in the U-shape piece that locks down the rotatable window.

With the cover removed, the left leg reveals Macross City.

Size Comparisons

Here’s the SDF-1 compared to Wave Corporation’s 1/5000th scale SDF-1

Here’s the SDF-1 next to a 1/60 VF-1S valkryie.

Attaching the ARMD’s Is Tricky

You have to use quite a bit of force to attach the ARMD’s to the SDF-1’s arms.

The SDF-1 arms have a small connector with a square magnet on the end.

Each ARMD attaches to the SDF-1 body's arm connector by using two ridges.

To attach an ARMD, attach the one ARMD ridge to the arm connector ridge first, then push the other ARMD/arm connector ridges together. In this picture, I attached the upper ridges, and am about to push together the bottom ridges.

Note on Transformation from Cruiser to Attack Mode

Graham from Macrossworld has great YouTube videos on how to transform the SDF-1 from cruiser to attack mode.  However, there was one issue with rotating the main body:  I couldn’t rotate it far enough to lock it with the legs.  The cause was that the main body locking tab was already in the lock position!  So please be sure this tab is unlocked when you’re transforming from cruiser to attack mode.

There's the main body locking tab, in the unlocked position. The tab slides in to the locked position, but you do that after rotating the main body and before pushing the bridge back.

Attack Mode

Attack mode, front view

Attack mode, rear/side view

Attack mode, straight rear view. I like those small thrusters on the SDF-1's back.

Just a closing comment, because of the thin, long shoulder guns(?) and the bridge’s radar antennas, I’m a little hesitant when handling this toy.  But overall, I’m impressed with the detail of the toy, its gimmicks, and its large size.

Update 2/18/11:  Anyone have suggestions for a display case, besides the Ikea Detolf?  The SDF-1 is too tall and long to fit in the Container Store doll display case.

Yamato Macross 1/60 VF-1S Super Valkyrie TV Version

Here’s the Yamato Macross 1/60th-scale VF-1S Super Valkyrie, TV version!

There's no flip-top lid

Inside the box are two plastic containers, one holding the VF-1S and normal accessories, and the second one holding the super parts.  There are also two instruction manuals and two decal sheets.

The major difference between this toy and the VF-1S TV Version without super parts is that this one comes with a Hikaru pilot figure, whereas the non-super-parts version comes with a Roy Fokker pilot figure.

Close-up of the Hikaru pilot figure

Now let’s transform this guy and put the super parts on!

The Super Parts are a lighter gray than the Super and Strike Parts that come with a DYRL valkyrie.  The DYRL version has more of a bluish gray.

VF-1S TV Version on the left, VF-1A Hikaru DYRL on the right

The arm armor pieces are different in the TV Version and the DYRL version.

TV Version armor on the left, DYRL version on the right

Another major difference between the TV Version and the DYRL version is that the leg locking mechanisms in the nosecones are different.  Yamato improved the locking mechanism by widening the hole where you lock the metal leg hinge into.  Because the hole is bigger in the TV version, it is much easier to lock the legs into place than in the DYRL version!

VF-1S DYRL leg locking mechanism on the left, VF-1S TV Version on the right

See how the locking mechanism isn't narrower than the metal leg bar?

I also noticed that when detaching the air intakes from the back breastplate, it’s much easier to detach than previous versions of the VF-1.

Anyway, I really like the bright white color of the VF-1S in battloid mode!

Besides the black arrows on the side of the head in the TV version, does anyone else notice any differences between the TV version and the DYRL version?

Yamato Macross Display Stand Deep Blue Version

The deep blue version of the Yamato Macross Display Stand for Valkyries just came out!

One improvement in the packaging is that the stand pieces are not held to the plastic containers by twistie ties!  As a result, the display stand pieces are easier to remove from the plastic containers.

Like the gray display stand, this deep blue display stand has the same glossy finish.  It’s also the same exact mold as all the other Yamato display stands.

Gray display stand base on the left, deep blue base on the right

In order to put the VF-1S TV Version on the display stand (and as with any Yamato VF-1), I had to separate the leg/air intake from the body of the fighter.  I noticed it’s a lot easier to separate the legs than previous VF-1’s.

VF-1J Max on gray display stand on the left, VF-1S TV Version on deep blue display stand on the right

I got the deep blue display stand from HobbyLink Japan:  http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00193

Yamato’s Macross 1/60 VF-1S TV Type

Yamato’s Macross 1/60th-scale VF-1S toy with the TV series white color scheme is out!

The box does not have a flip-top lid.

This toy comes with the standard things:  missiles, round TV-style hands, gunpod, display stand connectors, and a Roy Fokker pilot figure.  What I really like about the TV-style color scheme is that it’s a bright white!  How does it compare with the VF-1S from Macross DYRL?

The TV-style one is so much whiter than the DYRL-style one!

The head has black arrows instead of yellow arrows.

I read somewhere that the TV series hands are supposed to be bigger.  Well, they aren’t.  They’re exactly the same size as the ones you’ll find on the VF-1J, but they are definitely a brighter white.

VF-1S TV Type hand on the left, VF-1J hand on the right

Finally, let’s get a close-up picture of the Roy pilot figure!

Yep, that’s Roy in his gray pilot suit–a first for the VF-1S toys!  In the VF-1S TV Type Super Valkyrie, Hikaru is the pilot because Roy never flew the VF-1S with super parts!

Yamato’s 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk, Olive-drab Version

Destroid Tomahawks from Episode 29 of Robotech ("Robotech Masters")

I thought about getting Yamato’s Destroid Tomahawk, but I like the Olive-drab version more because it looks more camouflaged.

Front view of box

The box has a flip-up lid.

Box lid open

This toy comes with a pilot, two ground crew figures, and the Destroid Tomahawk.

The toy is very well-painted.  The missiles are not removable, but their covers open and close.  The light on the left shoulder looks very realistic–if only it lit up!

Lots of vernier thrusters!  Great detail on the back!

Pilot figure seated in cockpit

Pointing ground crew guy

Ground crew guy with yellow lights to direct the pilot

This toy is also very well articulated:

  • The elbows pivot and rotate.
  • The shoulders pivot.
  • The waist rotates 360 degrees, and also tilts slightly upwards to help with destroying enemy craft.
  • The hip joints to the legs pivot left and right, and up and down.
  • The foot tilts up and down.  The rear ankles on each foot also tilt up and down.

Finally, the Destroid Tomahawk feels slightly heavier than a 1/60 valkyrie.