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Macross TV Episode 25: Virgin Road

Robotech calls this episode, “Wedding Bells”.  I guess that’s more appropriate, since this episode is about Max and Milia getting married.  But “Virgin Road” speaks to a path that both the humans and the Zentradi have not been on.

Opening episode title sequence, changed in Robotech to a montage of shots about Max and inserted right before we see the drummer during Max and Miriya's wedding.

Max, you should have chosen a more romantic spot for your first date, not a dark park!

How did Milia find out Max's name?

Milia introduces herself to Max.

Milia explains herself

It's tough facing someone who's better than you

Nice block, Max!

Max and Milia duel it out

Max forces Milia's knife out of her hands using his own knife

Milia admits defeat, again.

Max is captivated by Milia's beauty. In Japanese, he says, "Kawaii", a term often used in anime to mean pretty/cute.

I like this sequence where Max and Milia float into a standing position with their eyes locked looking at each other.

An artistic scene, reminding us of the knife duel that just happened, but now Max and Milia are kissing.

Oh yeah, someone eating steak in the mess hall aboard the Macross. Reminds me of the scene in the Matrix, where Cypher is eating a juicy piece of steak.

Max finds Hikaru at a table in the mess hall, and suddenly mentions marriage!

How did Milia get so convinced so quickly?

Hikaru's initial reaction

Maybe Milia knew she didn't want to be a soldier any more now that she found someone who was better, and saw an alternative life being married to her victor?

Hikaru is speaking from his own experience

Max retorts that Hikaru is too influenced by what happened with Minmay. Hikaru is speechless. This dialogue was omitted in Robotech.

Max introduces Milia to Hikaru. Doesn't Milia look like Musicaa in Southern Cross?

Hikaru is impressed by how "ladylike" Milia looks. In Robotech, Rick says he'll help Max kiss the bride!

Awesome wedding ceremony! In Macross, a wedding march tune plays, but in Robotech, there's a different tune.

Britai and Exsedol watch the wedding ceremony.

Britai is shocked

Britai can think only with a military mindset

John Lennon: "All you need is love"

Search in your heart, Britai. You know it to be true.

What a wedding cake!

After Global gives a speech about reaching out with peace to the Zentradi and accepting all Zentradi who seek asylum, Shammy and Loli hug.

Vanessa hugs Warera. Where's Conda? I thought Warera likes Kim?

Hikaru thinks of Misa, that their dream of peace has finally come true. In Robotech, Rick doesn't mention Lisa, but just says there will be peace throughout the entire universe.

Bodolzaa is scared about the effect culture is having on his soldiers.

Bodolzaa orders an all-out attack on the Macross and the Earth.

He wants to use the entire fleet to attack

Meanwhile, Minmay sings a new song at Max and Milia's wedding.

In Robotech, Minmay sings, "The Man in My Life"

The evolution of love in a relationship

Max and Milia listen to Minmay's song.

Hikaru listens to Minmay's song

Misa listens to Minmay's song. In Robotech, Lisa says, "Oh! Beautiful!", but in Macross, she says, "Ichijo".

Meanwhile, Britai's ships get ready to attack

Britai gets the official order to attack the Macross. Doesn't this Zentradi look like a Klingon?

Some Zentradi refuse to attack

A scramble alert sounds. Nice scene here, where we see Shammy, Vanessa, and Kim getting food

Even Max and Milia go into battle

Such an extreme statement! In Robotech, Max just tells Miriya it'll be dangerous.

Milia sure got out of her wedding dress quickly!

Milia asks Max to disable the Regults, not to destroy them

Max asks Hikaru to overlook his intentional misses, but Hikaru agrees with what Max is doing, and follows suit.

Some Zentradi want a cease-fire

Exsedol tells Britai the bad news

Britai calls off the attack

Milia needs to learn a lot about cooking!

She cooked the oil, literally.

Listening to the ruckus from Max and Milia's quarters, Hikaru thinks of Misa. In Robotech, Rick says Roy told him before he loves someone, he has to like the person first. He admits he likes Lisa.

Definitely some Star Wars influence here. Misa reacts to Hikaru's thoughts. Reminds me of when Darth Vader called out to Luke in Empire Strikes Back, right after their duel, and Luke could hear him.

Next episode: “Messenger”

Yamato’s Macross 1/60 VF-1D Virgin Road

In the Robotech/Macross TV series, episode 25, “Virgin Road” (aka “Wedding Bells” in Robotech), Max and Miriya get married!


Their wedding craft is a VF-1D double-seater with Max’s blue color theme!


Max and Miriya flying down the aisle!

Now, for a re-enactment!


Yes, you guessed it!  Yamato released a replica of Max and Miriya’s wedding plane!

The box is quite simple, and has no cover flap.


Front view of box for VF-1D Virgin Road


Back of the box

Max’s blue paint theme with white contrasts is quite eye-catching.


This VF-1D comes with mini Max and Miriya figures, dressed in their white wedding clothes.


Close-up of Max figure. Yamato even painted in the strand of hair that hangs between Max's eyes!


Miriya in her wedding gown

This VF-1D also comes with a gunpod, 3-pack missiles, and the 5-pack case missiles.