Yamato’s Macross 1/60 VF-1D Virgin Road

In the Robotech/Macross TV series, episode 25, “Virgin Road” (aka “Wedding Bells” in Robotech), Max and Miriya get married!


Their wedding craft is a VF-1D double-seater with Max’s blue color theme!


Max and Miriya flying down the aisle!

Now, for a re-enactment!


Yes, you guessed it!  Yamato released a replica of Max and Miriya’s wedding plane!

The box is quite simple, and has no cover flap.


Front view of box for VF-1D Virgin Road


Back of the box

Max’s blue paint theme with white contrasts is quite eye-catching.


This VF-1D comes with mini Max and Miriya figures, dressed in their white wedding clothes.


Close-up of Max figure. Yamato even painted in the strand of hair that hangs between Max's eyes!


Miriya in her wedding gown

This VF-1D also comes with a gunpod, 3-pack missiles, and the 5-pack case missiles.


7 responses to “Yamato’s Macross 1/60 VF-1D Virgin Road

  1. man, this one’s extra special because of the max-miria pilots. a must get, if i may say… if only yamato valk aren’t so expensive >.<

  2. how do you attach the piece for the stand in fighter mode? Ive been trying it on my VF-1a max and cant figure it out.

    • Hi Hugo, look at Page 29 in your manual. The key is to detach both legs first, to give the connector room to fit. Step 23 shows the two round pegs that need to fit into holes on the air in-take portion of each leg. As shown in Step 24, after you’ve disconnected both legs, you push the connector in, fitting the pegs into the holes. Finally, as shown in Steps 25-28, push the air in-take portions back into the breastplate, bend the legs back straight, attach the calf to the peg in the breastplate, and the small peg on the leg into the backpack. Page 31 also shows this process. Let me know if you’re still having trouble–I can do a video, if necessary.

  3. Unfortunately I dont have the manual, I bought it second hand for cheap. I’ll try the method you explained if you could please do a video that would help, better yet if you can just take pics of the manual. i’ve tried looking online for the manual and cant find anything.

  4. Hey… do you know the name of the wedding song? Music sounds like runner, but lyrics are quite different!

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