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Hobby Link Japan has VF-1J 30th Anniversary Edition from Arcadia for Pre-Order

Just saw the 30th Anniversary Edition of the VF-1J from Arcadia on Hobby Link Japan’s site, available for pre-order, to be released in August:

The mold definitely looks like Yamato’s VF-1J mold.  However, I’m not getting it.  I would never paint my valkyries in a way that they don’t resemble something from the movie or TV series..

Yamato Toys shut down!

I have been wondering why leads to a “page not found” error.  I just found this blog post about Yamato Toys shutting down very quietly:

I sure hope the toy designers from Yamato found jobs at Arcadia, the company that hopefully will acquire the rights to continue making Macross toys.  However, I’m not sure it will happen, because Yamato already made the most popular valkyries already, and tried to re-sell updates by including the pilot seats.  I thought about getting one of the updates (“with option parts”), but decided not to because I couldn’t see myself playing that much with the pilot seats.

I am really glad Yamato released the VF-4, though.  That toy was a completely new design, and must have been quite an investment to make.

Excellent post on Robotech Love Story on

As published on’s Facebook news feed today, there’s an awesome opinion piece on the Rick-Minmei-Lisa love story on

Yamato 1/60 VF4-G Lightning III Is Here!

After a long wait, I finally received Yamato’s 1/60th-scale VF4-G Lightning III!  After playing with it, I realize why it took so long to make.  There are so many intricate parts, and the transformation is quite complicated, too.


Front of the box


Back of the box

Now, opening the box…


The top is protected by two layers of plastic


The VF4-G, two stand parts, two articulated hands, and a pilot. Wait, where’s the gunpod??


Bottom of the inside of the box. Nice labeling..


Instruction manual and sticker sheet


Fighter mode. Ah, looks just like it does in Flashback 2012, except this is a gray color scheme, not the white color scheme..


Close-up of the pilot


Close-up of the left engine booster. Looks like the booster on the VF-1 Fast pack.


Close-up of cannon on the right engine

Onto gerwalk mode!


The VF-4 is slightly difficult to stand up in gerwalk mode, because of the long nose.


And finally, battroid mode.  It took a long time to transform from gerwalk mode!




Someone please tell me this is some booster/thruster, and not a speaker!

The build quality is superb:  the VF-4 is heavier than the VF-1’s because there’s more die-cast metal.  The shoulders, elbows, neck, and leg joints are all made of metal.  A must for Macross fans!

Yamato VF-4G Lightning III coming!

Just saw this post on about the progress on the VF-4G Lightning III from Macross Flashback 2012.  It looks simply awesome!  I especially like the gerwalk mode.  It reminds me of the shuttle  Tydirium.


Robotech Voice Actors

Now that the A&E Robotech DVD collection is available, I bought it, and started watching the extras.  In the “Making of Robotech” documentary, we see several voice actors.

Tony Oliver, voice of Rick Hunter

Richard Epcar. He looks like Ben Dixon, Grel, and Lunk!


Reba West, voice of Minmay


Michael, McConnohie, voice of General Emerson

Melanie Macqueen, voice of Lisa Hayes and Musica. She even has red hair like Lisa's!


Greg Finley, voice of Captain Gloval. I would have never suspected what Greg really looks like, because he does Gloval's accent so well!


Frank Catalano, voice of Rand. He totally sounds like Rand while speaking normally!

Ellyn Stern, voice of "additional characters"

Dan Woren, the voice of Roy Focker!! Great how he's wearing a SDF-1 cap!


Melodee Spevack, voice of Mission Control... all those voiceovers!


Cam Clarke, voice for Max and Lancer. He seems like a really cool guy!


Barbara Goodson, voice of Marie Crystal and Sera. I really like her strong voice!


Alexandra Kenworthy, the voice of Azonia and the Regess

Haven’t seen the voice actor for Khyron yet!   I’m curious what he looks like.


Robotech on DVD Again, with Extras!

Coming on October 18th, Robotech on DVD again, now with a bunch of extras!  Read all about it on

The Fashion of DYRL

One of the things I really appreciate more in DYRL than the TV series is that in general, people are better dressed in DYRL, and the clothes fashion reflected the 1980’s, when the TV series and the movie were released.

The most notable example of being better dressed is of course, Minmay.

In Minmay’s first appearance, she wears an elegant pink/white/purple dress. Her puffy shoulders make her look like a fairy.

We are then treated to Minmay’s many outfits throughout the movie.

On their date, Hikaru and Minmay are dressed in nice, casual clothes.

When Hikaru and Minmay go into the clothing-hologram room on their date, we get our only glimpse of Minmay in Princess Leia-like hair buns and a Chinese dress.

In contrast, in the TV series, we often see Minmay in her hair buns and a Chinese dress. For example, here is her outfit for her 16th birthday party.

Also in the clothing-hologram room, we see Hikaru and Minmay in white wedding clothes.

In the TV series, in their imaginary wedding, Hikaru and Minmay are also dressed in white wedding clothes.

Back to DYRL, here’s Minmay in a simple, but elegant yellow dress.

This is the scene in DYRL where Hikaru asks Minmay to sing for everyone. Minmay wears a red/white ensemble that looks very warm!

In the TV series, in the similar scene where Hikaru asks Minmay to sing for everyone, Minmay also wears a red/white outfit: coincidental or intentional?

Here’s Minmay in her famous, elegant final concert dress.

In contrast, in the TV series, Minmay begins her singing during the final battle with Bodolzaa’s forces, and she’s wearing a skirt with polka-dots. A little casual, don’t you think?

Minmay changes into an orange and white dress during the final battle. Although this dress is nice, it’s not as flashy as her DYRL dress.

Let’s switch gears to clothes worn by other characters.

After returning from Zentradi captivity, Hikaru and Misa relax in casual clothes. Hikaru is wearing a vest, and Misa is wearing a dress with a pleated skirt.

In a throwback to the 1980’s, here are some clothing styles made famous by Madonna.  For example, look at the mannequin sporting fishnet pants, wildly hairsprayed hair, and a bandanna.

Another 80’s bandanna on Kim.

Do you have any opinions on character costumes in DYRL or the TV series?


Tenjin Hidetaka Art Works of Macross: Valkyries Second Sortie

Today, we’re taking a peek at Tenjin Hidetaka’s latest book, Art Works of Macross:  Valkyries Second Sortie, which is the second book of this wonderful artist’s drawings of Macross valkyries.

Front cover

Table of Contents

Table of contents, cont'd

This book contains artwork from the covers of various Hasegawa model kits, Macross Chronicle magazines, and Bandai plastic model kits.

VF-0A/S with Ghost Boosters!

Klan Klan's Queadluun Rhea from Macross Frontier

VF-25F book cover, without the title text

VF-25F with Alto

Finally, here's the artist, Tenjin Hidetaka