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Macross Chronicle Issue 46: VF-11C Mechanic Sheet

Issue 46 of Macross Chronicle (2010/04/29) has Macross Quarter on the cover.

However, in my opinion, the gem of this issue is the mechanic sheet for the VF-11C!

Yamato 1/60 VF-11C with Super Pack

I haven’t watched the entire Macross 7 series yet, and am slightly hesitant because of how music is used as a literal weapon.  However, when I saw Yamato release the VF-11C Thunderbolt, I was drawn to its appearance:  I really like the bone-white look, and the curved nosecone.  I also looked at the VF-11B, but the dull gray color scheme with orange accents doesn’t appeal to me.

I like the VF-11C best in its fighter mode.

The Super Pack consists of two boosters, and two pieces of leg armor, each of which attach with a small circular magnet.

There are some nice gimmicks:  the cockpit is ejectable, and the white flat pointy piece you see between the legs is really a shield for the left arm.

If you’ve seen pictures of the VF-11C in an off-white/yellowish color scheme, those pictures came from an earlier prototype.

The VF-11C is slightly longer than the VF-1.  Here’s a picture comparing it to the VF-1S Hikaru.

I bought the VF-11C from AmiAmi, at a 15% discount off the list price, and 50% off shipping!  http://www.amiami.jp/shop/?set=english&vgForm=ProductInfo&sku=TOY-RBT-0977&template=default/product/e_display.html