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Excellent post on Robotech Love Story on io9.com

As published on Robotech.com’s Facebook news feed today, there’s an awesome opinion piece on the Rick-Minmei-Lisa love story on io9.com:  http://io9.com/5971053/why-robotech-is-the-greatest-love-story-of-the-20th-century


Robotech Voice Actors

Now that the A&E Robotech DVD collection is available, I bought it, and started watching the extras.  In the “Making of Robotech” documentary, we see several voice actors.

Tony Oliver, voice of Rick Hunter

Richard Epcar. He looks like Ben Dixon, Grel, and Lunk!


Reba West, voice of Minmay


Michael, McConnohie, voice of General Emerson

Melanie Macqueen, voice of Lisa Hayes and Musica. She even has red hair like Lisa's!


Greg Finley, voice of Captain Gloval. I would have never suspected what Greg really looks like, because he does Gloval's accent so well!


Frank Catalano, voice of Rand. He totally sounds like Rand while speaking normally!

Ellyn Stern, voice of "additional characters"

Dan Woren, the voice of Roy Focker!! Great how he's wearing a SDF-1 cap!


Melodee Spevack, voice of Mission Control... all those voiceovers!


Cam Clarke, voice for Max and Lancer. He seems like a really cool guy!


Barbara Goodson, voice of Marie Crystal and Sera. I really like her strong voice!


Alexandra Kenworthy, the voice of Azonia and the Regess

Haven’t seen the voice actor for Khyron yet!   I’m curious what he looks like.


Robotech on DVD Again, with Extras!

Coming on October 18th, Robotech on DVD again, now with a bunch of extras!  Read all about it on Robotech.com:  http://www.robotech.com/news/viewarticle.php?id=443

Macross TV Episode 36: Farewell to Tenderness

This is the final episode of the series.  Robotech calls this episode, “To The Stars”.

Misa looks at the ocean, and thinks about her situation.

In Robotech, Lisa says to herself, "Face it, you've lost him."

In Robotech, Rick thinks to himself, "Boy, Roy was right--once you get this Robotech stuff in your blood, it's there to stay."

Minmay wants to settle down!

In Robotech, Rick explains that so many people are counting on the both of them.

Hikaru and Minmay remember the time when they were trapped in a section of the Macross.

Now this is interesting: after all that Minmay has been through with her successful career, she wants to go back to the days before she was a singer, and before Hikaru was in the military. In Robotech, Minmay says she wants to get married!

It's tough to go back to the way things were, especially if a long time has passed...

Nice transition here. We see Hikaru's street number is 251, and then some snow falls and reveals Kamjin's ship in the jungle.

Kamjin restores power in his battle ship!

Kamjin wants to destroy the Macross. In Robotech, he wants to rejoin the Robotech Masters, but first, he wants to destroy the SDF-1.

Misa is still moping.

Claudia tries to console Misa.

Misa compares herself with Minmay

Now this is a fact that wasn't explained in Robotech: Misa is older than Hikaru!

Yep, you're not a singer, Misa.

In Robotech, Lisa says something similar--that she couldn't stand working with Rick and watching him go home every day to Minmay.

Global gives Misa her next assignment, and it's a big one.

Misa hesitates

I like this camera viewpoint; it's low near the ground, looking up at Misa. Macross has some very interesting camera-work, indeed!

The promotion Misa's been always wanting?

In Robotech, Lisa is surprised that Gloval knew about her romance with Rick. But in Macross, she's shocked about an opportunity to command her own ship.

In this scene in Robotech, Lisa is more open to a new assignment.

Global is very perceptive!

This stereotyping wouldn't go over well with American audiences..

Misa blushes at Global's statement. In Robotech, she is shocked that she's getting her first command. Gloval explains she's the most experienced officer that's most appropriate for the assignment.

Global explains more about Misa's assignment.

Global doesn't like the odds of surviving another attack from the Zentradi or the Supervision Army.

In Robotech, Gloval wants to find the Zentradi's home planet and he wants to destroy their ability to make war. In Macross, he wants to colonize other planets so that Earth's culture is preserved. Now that's some forward thinking!

We can tell Hikaru would miss flying. In Robotech, Rick thinks to himself that he couldn't quit now, not when every available pilot is needed. By the way, Hikaru's playing with a VF-4 Lightning III, the successor to the VF-1.

Misa visits Hikaru to tell him the news about her assignment.

Misa is mature in that she realizes her limitations, and she applies herself where her strengths are.

Here comes the truth, Hikaru.

But you knew that already, Hikaru.

Hikaru's priceless reaction. Wouldn't it be better if he looked at Misa with both eyes?

Even Misa encourages Minmay to keep singing.

Great camera-work here, too.

Hikaru runs after Misa, but Minmay stops him

Suddenly, missiles rain down on the city. Hikaru goes after Misa.

Hikaru finds Misa, and holds her head in his hands. What a great close-up.

In Robotech, Rick says he'll take care of Lisa because he loves her.

Minmay catches up with Hikaru and Misa

Minmay is too naive to understand

In Robotech, Lisa challenges Minmay to let Rick go if she loves him, because Rick's a pilot and "that's his life".

In Robotech, Lisa goes on to explain that she and Rick are working to put an end to all the fighting, but Minmay in desperation, says there is no future.

I like the explanation in Macross better because Misa challenges Minmay that their purposes are similar: they need to protect other people.

Hikaru sends Minmay away

Minmay wants Hikaru to come with her

Minmay wants things to be the way they were before Hikaru joined the military, but Hikaru doesn't.

Minmay doesn't want to be left alone

In Robotech, Rick explains that he wants a normal life, too, but he can't, not when the whole future of the human race is at stake. Hikaru is being self-less, whereas Minmay is being selfish.

Hm, I don't buy the argument that Minmay is not alone because she has her songs...

Such a powerful, dramatic scene. Emphasis on Hikaru letting go of Minmay with the bright light in the background.

Very effective facial expression, especially with Minmay's large pupils.

Misa makes it to the command center, and Vanessa informs her of Kamjin's single battle cruiser.

Doesn't Kamjin look a little like Kaifun?

Kamjin fires his main cannon at the Macross...

...and scores a direct hit on the Macross!

There's a big explosion outside, and we see engines inside the Macross explode, too.

Inside the command center, there's a blast of air from the explosions.

View from Hikaru's valkyrie. In Robotech, some announcer says that the "SDF-2" has been hit. That's the SDF-1!

There's extensive damage inside the command center. Interesting how the big screens look like torn pieces of paper.

Misa, Vanessa, Kim, and Shammy run to the old bridge.

There, they find...

Claudia and...

Global! Apparently, there's enough energy to take off!


People inside a shelter hear that the Macross is taking off!

Among them is Minmay

Hikaru does some massive damage all by himself on the surface of Kamjin's ship.

Hikaru learns that Misa is still alive!

Kamjin's ship looks like a mean fish

The VF-1S's head's lasers look a little short

We see Milia and Max are also in the fighting

Max is so calm during battle

The Macross' main cannon hits Kamjin's ship

But it's not a completely direct hit

The Macross' main cannons start disintegrating

Kamjin is injured pretty badly. He calls out to Oigul...

...who doesn't respond. In Robotech, Khyron doesn't call out to Grell.

Laplamiz, you do realize that ramming a ship head-on is suicidal, right? In Robotech, Khyron and Azonia agree to gloriously die together.

There's no such line in Robotech!

Kamjin holds Laplamiz's hand.

The Macross has no power.

There's that Orguss battroid again

... and it gets destroyed

In Robotech, both Khyron and Azonia exclaim, "Victory!"

Kamjin's ship explodes behind the Macross, which lost its right arm.

Hikaru and Misa meet once again. How'd Misa get down to the ground so fast?

Of course, Minmay has to find them...

Close-up on Minmay

Before this scene, in Robotech, Lisa explains to Rick that Captain Gloval pushed her into an escape module. There's no such explanation in Macross.

Minmay finally appreciates what Hikaru does.

Minmay decides to continue singing

Hikaru is glad. In Robotech, Minmay says she wasn't all that eager to get married, and that she isn't ready to get married because of her singing career!

Did someone write all of Minmay's songs for her?

Now there's a mature question! Now Flashback 2012 makes a whole lot more sense to me!

Misa cheerfully accepts

In Robotech, Lisa tells Minmay good luck with her career and that she'll take care of Rick for her. Minmay wishes them good luck on their mission. Lisa says, "I'm sure you'll be a bigger star when we return."

Such a sweet farewell... In Robotech, Minmay makes Rick promise her that he won't forget her.

It starts snowing as Minmay leaves.

Interesting camera viewpoint

Misa tests Hikaru's commitment

Hikaru re-assures Misa.

Misa acknowledges

Hikaru and Misa hear Minmay singing. In Robotech, Rick mentions that they'll build the SDF-3 and will go to the stars and beyond.


In Robotech, Minmay's song, "To Be in Love" plays in the background

The final episode ends with a book closing the back cover on the scene

"So long"

So there you have it!  The next episode preview in Robotech shows the scenes from “Dana’s Story”, the first episode in the Southern Cross series, where Dana is Max and Miriya’s child.  The narrator also mentions that the Robotech Masters have made a 15-year journey to the Earth to retrieve the “protoculture factory”.

So do you like Robotech better or Macross better?  Do you prefer Protoculture as our ancestors, or as an energy source?  Did you find any of the scenes/dialogue that Robotech changed/omitted bothersome?  Do you like Macross’ episode titles, or Robotech’s?

Finally, for those of you who like credits, here are the Japanese voice actors:

Macross TV Episode 35: Romanesque

This episode is one of my favorites because it takes place during Christmas-time.  Robotech calls this episode, “Season’s Greetings”.  I don’t understand why Macross calls it Romanesque:  I don’t see any Romanesque architecture in this episode!

The episode opens with a scene from a jungle somewhere. Robotech's narrator says it's the Amazon rainforest.

Kamjin needs a power condenser to run his ship's main engine. In Robotech, he needs more protoculture.

Kamjin always against the Earth's people.

A detail explained only in Macross: Humans taught Zentradi how to repair things!

The obligatory long laugh from the villain

Kamjin's ship

We learn that in an industrial part of town, there are the power condensers that Kamjin needs.

Loli, Warera, and Conda are trying to make money by selling plastic model kits. Here, we see Loli holding a "harakiry" model kit. Why didn't the animators just say "valkyrie"?

I always wondered why they were selling model kits instead of doing their dry cleaning business. Now we know why!

Minmay mopes on a swing in a park.

Loli, Conda, and Warera call out to Minmay, who runs away. In Robotech, they're also discussing how they just got kicked out of the mall.

Hikaru listens to the news. I wonder where he got his apron!

Minmay needed some alone time

Minmay knocks on Hikaru's door

Minmay got caught up in her career

Hikaru is wise indeed. I can totally relate to his statement--things change as the years go by. Some things become more important, and other things become less important/irrelevant.

Minmay realizes Hikaru is the only person who really cares for her well-being. Unfortunately, that's Misa's hand on the door.

Minmay asks Hikaru if she can stay at his place. Misa's facial reaction is priceless.

Misa runs off, and leans against a light pole. A man asks if she is ok, and she shakes her head. The man then concludes she's drunk. In Robotech, Lisa asks the man to leave her alone, and the man says, "Some people!"

After seeing a young couple walk by, Claudia remembers when she and Roy were together.

Roy sure likes to drink!

Claudia returns to the pub she just exited. In Robotech, she says she knows just the place to go.

Claudia sees Misa at the bar

Misa is singing the Minmay song, "Sunset Beach"

Minmay wakes up in the middle of the night, and covers Hikaru with a blanket, and thanks him.

Vanessa invites Misa to a party, and asks her to bring Hikaru along, but Misa lies and says Hikaru is sick

Kamjin starts attacking the industrial part of town, and Misa scrambles Max and Milia's squad.

Global and Exsedol realize what Kamjin is trying to do

Kamjin shoots down a valkyrie

Laplamiz, in a Quaedluun-Rau, sees Milia

Minmay shops for groceries, and when she hears the news about Kamjin's attack, gets worried and drops a pineapple. Pineapples are a special symbol in Macross. Luckily, Minmay didn't buy the pineapple!

Milia in her valkyrie

Milia and Max in battroid mode

Kamjin finally finds a reaction engine (in Robotech, it's a protoculture matrix), and escapes in a ship. Hikaru fires at the ship, but the bullets just bounce off.

Kamjin radios a miclonized Zentradi dressed as Santa, who detonates bombs throughout the city. Hikaru, Max, and Milia stop pursuing Kamjin and instead put out the fires using special bombs.

Milia rescues civilians

Minmay watches the news, which causes her to worry more, since there are many casualties from Kamjin's attack

Civilians start singing "Silent Night", one of my favorite Christmas songs. We also see a statue of Jesus.

We also see a pastor making a cross-sign across his chest

That woman with the scarf looks like Minmay, doesn't she?

Minmay waits for Hikaru. It looks like she's praying.

Hikaru questions Misa why she lied to Vanessa

Misa knows all about Minmay, Hikaru.

Not only does Misa know about Minmay's visit, but she also cares for Hikaru's well-being.

The lights throughout Macross City come on, including a lot on the Macross itself

Triple dating again! I like this sequence of people being together at Christmas-time. Reminds me of the movie, "Love Actually"

Max, Milia, and Maria look at the lights. Reminds me of the scene in "Nine Months" when Hugh Grant holds his kid in his apartment.

Hikaru returns home to find that Minmay prepared Christmas dinner!

Minmay hugs Hikaru from behind--just like she did in DYRL!

Minmay wants new careers for both her and Hikaru.

Hikaru likes the thought of Minmay caring, but he doesn't answer that he's going to give up the military

In Robotech, Rick says, "May we have a million more like it"

Doesn't this scene remind you of a similar scene in "Sixteen Candles"?

From the movie, "Sixteen Candles"

Next and final episode:  “Farewell to Tenderness”!

Macross TV Episode 34: Private Time

This episode takes the cake when it comes to soap-opera-ish drama.  Not only do we see Hikaru being a two-timer, but we also see a major fight between Kaifun and Minmay.

The artwork varies a lot in this episode, and it’s evident that the artist who did a lot of the character animation in DYRL did some here, as well.

Hikaru keeps saying Misa is not lady-like, but this scene with Misa making sandwiches for their picnic date says otherwise.

Misa tests the taste of the sandwiches shes making

Misa is overjoyed that she has a date with Hikaru

Uh oh, here comes trouble! In Robotech, Minmay is in Monument City.

Hikaru tells Minmay he made other plans, but Minmay asks if he can re-schedule since he can see whoever it is any time, since he and the person he's seeing are both in Macross City.

We learn that Hikaru asked Misa out to see a nice forest

And Hikaru *promised* Misa he would make it.

From Misas expression, we see she is quite whipped!

Misa gets to their meeting place early, and waits by herself.

Minmay meets Hikaru at the airport, since Hikaru had to fly to see her

DYRL artist, in a similar disguise!

Minmay's DYRL disguise--different color of sunglasses

From Hikaru's expression, we know he doesn't go to fancy restaurants too often

Hikarus late, and Misa keeps waiting

Kim, Shammy, and Vanessa gossip about Misa and Hikaru's date.

Minmay gives Hikaru a long scarf as a thank-you gift for saving her from Kamjin.

DYRL artist? Is Hikaru clue-less or what? In Robotech, Rick says the scarf makes him feel like Errol Flynn.

Minmay clues Hikaru in. In Robotech, she says, "All you need now is a sword!"

A waiter interrupts Minmay and Hikaru to give them their drinks

Two years!

Minmay sees if Hikaru still feels the same way about her

Yes, Minmay, Hikaru still loves you

Flashback to the scene where Hikaru admitted his love to Minmay, right before the big battle with Bodolzaa

Kaifun interrupts because Minmay has a concert to give. Minmay refuses to go. In Robotech, Kyle says he scheduled a press conference.

Good excuse, Minmay

Kaifun points out Minmays immaturity

Kaifun dumps a drink on Minmay. Oh no, Minmay! Your hair!

At least Kaifun is man enough to apologize to Hikaru

Why didnt he also apologize for what happened in Trad City?

Youre just a tool, Hikaru

Why didnt Hikaru stand up to Kaifun?

Misa calls the command center to check on Hikaru

Machizaki teases Misa

The bridge bunnies tease Machizaki

DYRL artist?

Some Zentradi are wreaking havoc at the airport in Highlander City

Misa wait even longer for Hikaru

Hikaru drives past a roadblock near the airport, and convinces the military officer there to take charge of fighting the Zentradi

A Zentradi shoots a gunpod inside an office building

Hikaru's squadron

Hikaru's battroid has armor strong enough to cause bullets to bounce off

A missile launcher fires tear gas missiles at the Zentradi

The missiles knock the Zentradi off their feet

Hikaru beats off a Regult's leg with his metal bat

This Zentradi is about to get spanked

This is either a butt squeeze or a spank

He feels the pain. This particular shot was omitted in Robotech.

The pain is enough to keep the Zentradi on the ground.

A VF-1J kicks the Zentradi to the ground

Yes, shame on you, Hikaru, standing her up like that. Too bad they don't have cell phones.

Misa feeds a dog some sandwiches

What's the kid doing standing outside an adult sex toy shop?

Hikaru goes for his second choice

You're really late, Hikaru

Misa is soooo understanding. I think she should've gotten mad.

DYRL artist? Hikaru wraps Minmay's scarf around Misa. *Bad move*, using a gift from another woman!

Misa sees Minmay and Hikaru's initials on the scarf!! In Robotech, since the audience wouldn't understand the initials, Lisa says she recognizes Minmay's perfume. Why couldn't the Robotech animators just re-create this shot with Rick and Minmay's initials?

You're clue-less, Hikaru

It suddenly starts snowing. Misa walks away, and Hikaru doesn't stop her. Is Hikaru not fighting hard enough for his women?

Meanwhile, Minmay is about to start a concert...

DYRL artist!

Minmay doesnt start singing.

Minmay cant look at her audience

What a shocker! In Robotech, she says, "I can't perform when my heart is breaking!"

DYRL artist again?

Minmay blames Kaifun...

... for her being distant from Hikaru

Kaifun scolds Minmay

Kaifun is leaving Minmay. I wonder what he means by leaving "again"?

Kaifun's parting words. In Robotech, Kyle tells Minmay that he hopes she finds happiness some day.

Minmay cries by herself. What an artistic way of presenting Minmay's pain.

Next episode:  “Romanesque”

Macross TV Episode 33: Rainy Night

I really like this episode.  No Zentradi/human fighting in this episode, just pure soap opera-ish drama!

Misa sits by herself, thinking about Hikaru

She wonders if she was too extreme with Hikaru

Claudia finds Misa, and consoles her.

Claudia gives Misa some rare black tea, and suggests that she share it with Hikaru.

After returning from patrol, Misa requests that Hikaru see her. Hikaru thinks Misa just wants his patrol report, and is too focused on her job. Hikaru is also irritated with Misa's ordering him to pursue Kamjin before he and Minmay had enough time to talk.

Apparently, Hikaru didn't see the tea.

Hikaru intentionally stokes Misa's jealousy by asking Vanessa out

Vanessa gives Hikaru a dose of reality.

Denial, denial ...

Vanessa gossips with Kim and Shammy.

Misa is about to knock on Hikaru's door...

... when Claudia finds her.

Misa goes to Claudia's place, and instead of tea, asks for alcohol. Claudia serves some red wine.

Misa drinks an entire glass of wine quickly!

Misa opens up to Claudia

Claudia tells the story of how she met Roy Focker

Which fighter is that? An early version of Roy's Skull One.

Roy asks Claudia out over the radio.

That expression on Claudia's face is priceless. In Robotech, Roy doesn't ask Claudia out, but instead just says, "This last bogey is for you, Claudia".

Claudia's colleagues giggle

Claudia agrees to a date, but Roy shows up with a car full of other women!

Claudia's not the type of person to participate in a Bachelor-like group date.

Roy gives Claudia a gift every day.

Roy was suddenly transferred to the Macross.

... it was fate.

We learn that Claudia and Misa were roommates

Valkryie prototype!

Claudia visits Roy while he's checking out the valkyrie prototype

Claudia returns all the gifts Roy gave her

Roy goes on about the valkyrie

The valkyrie prototype is called the VFX-1!

Claudia was confused about Roy's intentions

Before taking the VFX-1 for a test flight, Claudia catches Roy dancing in front of three women.

Claudia thinks Roy is a complete playboy.

... until one night, Roy visits Claudia

Roy explains his behavior

We learn that Roy got scolded for his behavior

Roy reveals to Claudia he's scared of doing test flights

... because doing those test flights is dangerous

Feeling scared made Roy pursue Claudia

Finally, Claudia learns that she's special in Roy's eyes. In Robotech, Roy adds that those other women meant nothing to him.

Meanwhile, at Hikaru's place, Hikaru realizes that Misa loves him

He remembers the pictures she gave to him.

Hikaru goes to Misa's place, but she of course is not home.

After learning about how Roy felt about her, Claudia fell in love with him.

Here comes something good.

What an insight!

Hikaru calls Claudia

Claudia encourages Misa to offer Hikaru some tea.

Claudia also encourages Misa to be honest with Hikaru about her feelings.

In Robotech, Rick asks Lisa if she’s cold and if they should just take a cab.

Hikaru accepts Misa's offer of having some tea

Oops, no sugar?? In Robotech, Rick says he has nothing to offer.

Romantic walk in the rain...

Next episode:  “Private Time”