Macross TV Episode 30: Viva Maria

This episode’s title refers to Max and Milia’s daughter Komilia Maria.  Robotech changed the title to “Viva Miriya”, and of course, as a lead-in to Southern Cross, changed Maria’s name to Dana.

A group of people from the Macross go to Britai's ship for the mission to capture the satellite factory. Here, a Zentradi soldier hits a button to lower the landing platform.

There are Hikaru's white VF-1S, and Max and Milia's blue and red VF-1J's.

Britai is quite the host!

Milia lowers the pod holding Maria. Note the screen, "Maria is beautiful"

Milia's facial proportions just aren't right

Max invites Hikaru to a party in his quarters

Max cooks! Obviously, Milia doesn't...

Some interesting integrals on the computer screen! I remember my calculus days! Britai executes a fold.

In a scene in Robotech, the Masters attempt to resurrect Zor

Milia feeding Maria

Misa is fascinated with Maria

Misa looks like her DYRL persona

Uh, Milia, Misa isn't married like you are...

After Max convinces Milia, Milia throws Maria to Misa!

This scene was omitted in Robotech, because it would have caused quite a stir!

Nice catch, Misa!

Misa enjoys Maria's cuteness.

Max and Hikaru have a man-to-man chat

Max starts applying some pressure on Hikaru to make a move!

Claudia retires to her quarters, and thinks of Roy. In Robotech, Claudia says, "Well, I hope those two get it together soon."

Misa requests that Hikaru wait for her in her quarters. Hikaru finds a picture of her and Riber.

Misa walks in, to Hikaru's surprise

Heh, Misa is the hospitable host

It's almost like Misa and Hikaru are dating, and the serious question of having kids comes up. In Robotech, their conversation is about Hikaru not having seen Minmay in several months.

Hikaru responds that he's fine with kids. And here comes another question...

Unfortunately, before Misa is able to ask her question, she gets paged for duty

Britai's ship has come across a destroyed Supervision Army warship. In Robotech, it's a Zentradi recon ship.

Exsedol concludes the ship was recently destroyed

Misa wants to investigate the ship, but Britai objects because it's a distraction, and may be a booby trap, just like the Macross was.

Britai commences a fold, and they arrive at the satellite factory

Max and Milia take off with FAST packs.

To shock the Zentradi aboard the satellite factory into surrendering, Britai has Misa order Hikaru to kiss her

Hikaru hesitates, and Milia wonders why

Hikaru objects to Misa's order

Misa grabs Hikaru, and kisses him

The Zentradi aboard the satellite factory were shocked by the kiss. Max and Milia break into a landing area, and Milia introduces herself

Milia introduces Max as one of the Protoculture

The Zentradi are shocked to see Maria

Milia introduces Maria

The Zentradi flee, even the leader of the satellite factory

The Zentradi flee because they feel they've been contaminated

Britai's ship destroys the satellite factory leader's ship, which looks very similar to Britai's

Milia fights with Maria partying in her lap

In Robotech, Hikaru says, "Fire all proton torpedoes on my command." A homage to Star Trek!

Britai's ship boards the satellite factory

Having captured the satellite factory, Britai executes a fold back to Earth

Next episode:  “Satan’s Dolls”

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