Macross Figure Collection: Minmei Special

CM’s Corporation made a series of Macross figures, Parts 1, 2, and 3, and a Minmay Special collection.  The figures were sold as gashapon, which are capsule toys sold in vending machines.  The box containing each figure is the same, so you don’t know which one you’re going to get.  Today, we’re going to have a look at the Minmay Special collection, which can be bought as a set of 12 boxes, so you’re pretty sure you’ll get all the figures.  Here’s a look at the six figures in the collection:

In the final battle in Macross the movie, Minmay is wearing a beautiful pink dress:

Here’s Minmay sitting at a desk, which has a Chinese red/black color theme.

Here’s a Minmay doll.

There’s even an on/off switch on the back of the doll!

At the beginning of Macross the movie, Minmay is in the middle of a concert.

Here’s the figure.  Note Minmay’s gladiator-style shoes, which are in fashion nowadays among Hollywood actresses!  However, her hair and dress don’t quite match her appearance in the movie.  The corresponding figure in Part 3 of the collection is a much better replica–we’ll look at Part 3 later.

Near the end of Macross the movie, Minmay accepts song lyrics from Hikaru, and she’s wearing a red dress and black boots:

In Robotech/Macross TV series, in Episode 6 “Blitzkrieg”, Rick and Minmay have their picture taken on the night before Rick goes into battle.

Here’s the replica of this picture!

2 responses to “Macross Figure Collection: Minmei Special

  1. Hi!
    it´s a great collection and a nice pictures 🙂
    could you tell me please what price i could ask for the figure Rick and Minmay picture? I want to sell it but i don´t have idea how many ask for this 😦
    thank you

    • Hi! Since I bought the entire collection, I don’t know what the individual Rick/Minmay picture would sell for. Have you tried eBay?

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